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Iz-kun drew yaoi omglolz.

In other breaking news, my schedule is (mostly) fixed, Japanese and Driver's Ed have worked out (though now I have to take DE at South, which will be awkward), I started my portofolio class, my tablet is working again, and DIRU TODAY. <333

Also, [ profile] e_witness, [ profile] per_sona and I started a writing community, [ profile] nenono. We didn't want to wait for NaNoWriMo this year, so we're doing our own thing starting in March. Join or watch if you're interested. :D It's called "Newton North Novelists" but you don't need to go to North, we just wanted the acronym. XD
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Back from NY, catching up on people's posts. Why does everything happen while I'm away? Oh, and how many variations on the "tired" mood have I had this year? >.<

[ profile] spanish_silver burned me music too, more Disney and some good old emo stuff. Finally got my Evanescence fix. I should go out and buy their new album...

Working on revising my story. Yes, revising. I want to make it better.


I think it might have something to do with the strange mentality I get right before holidays...even holidays like Halloween...I end up not wanting to do anything. By that, I mean anything. Even things I usually enjoy, like drawing. All I want to do is sleep and listen to music. Which is really messed up. Because I need to finish my costume in a day. Shouldn't be so bad if I start when I get home. But I need to make sure I do my homework too. -_- I can't fall behind this term, I need to make it.


Kingdom Hearts II

Event: Halloween 2006/Anime Boston 2007, any NE cosplay events in the near future

Status: 90% done


In progress:
Shirt—75% (cut out lining, attach zipper [I'm cheating; it's not double-sided, but I'm making it look like it is])
Jacket—90% (need to finish one arm hole, attach the buttons and do the “decorative” stitching)
Shoes—60% (have them, and the laces, need to attack them with fabric markers. >.>) [...I also left them at my cousins' house over the weekend. Dunno if I'll get them back in time.]
Wig—0% (need to order and style) [not bothering for Halloween. I wouldn't want to wear it all day at school anyway.]


Argh. There's so much more I want to say right now, and I don't even know how to say it. I need more sleep.

I'm missing someone, and I can't explain it.

If you want to live, let live
if you want to go, let go
I'm not afraid to dream
to sleep, sleep forever
I don't need to touch the sky
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I'm writing again. Wow.

The Waiting Game )

Other things...for those who follow my DA know I've been drawing a lot, despite school, thanks to my tablet. <3 By the way, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] spanish_silver!!!! This is for you. ^^

Okay. ARGH. I don't know if it's just LJ or this stupid school Mac, but you know how LJ saves what you're writing every now and then? EVERY TIME IT DOES THAT, THE SCREEN SCROLLS ALL THE WAY UP AUTOMATICALLY. It's driving me CRAZY.

................It seems to have stopped. Good. NO WAIT, DOING IT AGAIN. >:[

Anyway...chapter 5 of the Kingdom Hearts II manga is out in Japan! I just got both books of Chain of Memories last weekend, so this makes me a very happy fangirl. I'm also proud that I can understand at least 80% of what's going on <3 Thank you, Nakamura-sensei, even though you were scary. Anyway, I found someone on LiveJournal that scans the chapters and puts them up for download, so I have the raws on my computer. Otherwise I think I would have resorted to lurking outside Sasuga Books waiting for the monthly Shounen Gangan to arrive.

Oh, yeah, speaking of which, ch. 5 has Axel's first appearance in II. Er....let's just say...Okay, I love Axel. But holy shit, Amano-sensei really played it up there. XD (Don't click if shounen-ai-ish references bother you.) (Oh, and that's not my LJ, that's the lovely hopeless slash fangirl person that uploads the chapters.)

...........The scene itself didn't really bother me, but THE ICONS. I'm on a KH icon community and OH GOD THE ICONS.

[begin rant] )

Oh yeah, working on a new layout, so my current setup is having issues. Ignore them.

Aa....ore wa...hitori ja nai.


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