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Okay...I've been neglecting LJ lately. Not that I don't have things to say, but I haven't felt like putting them down...mostly because it doesn't seem worth it, because I don't know if I'm just doing this for myself or if people actually read it. Heck, maybe I'm just an uninteresting person. I don't know. But I don't seem to get comments, even when I talk about something that's important to me....I'm not trying to be all like "OMG ATTENTION WHORE" guys, but that's just how it is. I don't know.

I've been on DA a lot. Drawing mostly. Ashley got me a tablet. <3 Well, she gave me her old one but I owe her big time anyway. I bought her Advent Children to make up for it. ^^ (which so many of you NEED TO SEE. >.>) We've been RPing over AIM a's fun. Cracky, but fun.

Speaking of which, only a few people know, so...I FINALLY GOT MY PS2. Ranmaru joins the family. <3

Ugh. Though. I had started a game of KH on Ashley's memory card, and we transferred it to mine, and I got a lot father in a day or so (about two and a half worlds. I made it to Tarzan...Wonderland was so TRIPPY. It drove me crazy. I mean, it was supposed to be weird, but without a walkthrough I would have been screwed. NOMURA, WHY HAVE YOU NO MAPS IN YOUR GAME. Olympus Coliseum though...oh man. Hades is the best Disney villain. And Cloud OMG. <3 Haha. I held out pretty long against him...then he killed Donald and Goofy and there was no one left to distract him. >.> Dodge roll is your friend! I beat Cerberus in 4 tries, woot. Not bad for me, at least. fast...Leon killed me....)

Anyway...yes...Tarzan...I got lost and frustrated. XD I couldn't figure out how to get out of the vines, so I sister started her own game. So today I went to play mine and all I saw on the screen was her save I FLIPPED because I thought she had saved over my game. Five hours of my life there. Then I realized her file was labeled "2", and scrolled up...needless to say, I was very relieved. But when I proceeded to try to load my game...I forgot I was on the SAVE screen and not the LOAD screen and accidentally saved over it anyway. >.< so I started a new game. Got through it leveling up pretty fast, actually. My control is much better now that I've gotten the hang of jumping. (Playing WindWaker for so long threw me off) I also got to make choices knowing what they did. (Staff for magic, reject the sword, keep defense, I'm afraid of being indecisive, friendship is important, I want to be strong. My journey starts in the middle of the night. I'm too honest, even in video makes things harder for me. ^^;) (I also did the YOUR MOM thing. It's priceless, every time. "I'd name the raft Highwind. What would you call it, Sora?" " YOUR MOM!" XD) Got to Traverse Town, still need to fight the Armor Boss. Hopefully it'll only take me one more day to catch up to where I was, since I know all the Wonderland puzzles now.

As for cosplay...yeah. Missed the contest deadline. I've been so damn TIRED lately. Because of work. Getting up at 6 AM in the summer is BAD. And it's somehow...not worth it. I've been doing more hours, both in general and per day, but at $7.50 an hour, the proportion isn't right. I was happier making only $70 a week because I wasn't completely dead. -__- So really I've only been able to focus on certain things. SAT II math course didn't help. >.< So drawing and playing games and RPing...easy and stress relieving. Cosplay? No. I love cosplay, but it's more work than other things. That and I hit a difficult spot, and I have to redo the jacket collar. Just the thought depresses me. Ugh, ripping stitches...>.<

I haven't bought any books since Europe, I Need FMA #14. And the Kingdom Hearts manga, because it's SO DAMN CUTE.

Sora: ...*standing behind Leon*
Leon: ...Hey there.
Sora: ...I'm interrupting something. *turns to leave*
Cloud: It's fine.
Sora: *stops* ...Are you sure?
Cloud: I think we were about finished, anyway.
(Read: The conversation was about to dissolve into ellipses.)
Leon: I'm going to go make you two hot chocolate. *turns and leaves with a smile*
Sora: ...That sentence was like...9 words.
Cloud: Surprisingly enough, before you came I managed to count thirteen...
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Three days in a row, eight hours, starting at 7 am...I'm beat. And I'm working Sunday. -_- Hopefully my manager realized that I can't take all these hours and he'll cut down my schedule.

WTF I want my PS2.

I'm turning [ profile] te_ashi into an icon journal as well. I think this was inspired by Emurii. I'm working my way through a massive multi-fandom icon dump right now...

Oh, yeah...Kingdom Hearts...FUJIWARA KEIJI VOICES AXEL. WHO CALLED IT, DAMMIT. HELL YEAH. He must have this thing about badass redheads; I mean, first Reno, then Nue from Karas, and now Axel...damn, now I need to go find his fanlisting and join it. Oboeteiro!

Finally finished Kill Bill 2 with Chen. That took us..what, a year?


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