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I am at an Internet cafe type place! 3.50 euros and hour! I cant find the apostrophe on this keyboard! Seriously. its really wierd.

Wow. So. This is the farthest Ive been from home, ever. I miss you all, but I am having fun, I guess. Weve been to Firenze (Florence) and Ive seen so much famous art I think my head will explode. Yeah. France in two days, then Germany. Ill be home is a week.

I read everyones journals, XANGA or lj or whatever, but time is money right now (hah) so Ill comment and stuff when I get home. Until then!

(I cant find the tilde or the hyphen either...)
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Wow...lots of stuff. I need new icons. Maybe a new layout. Since I don't really, well, have one.

School is over. Wow. I survived junior year. Barely. Which means I have to think about college. Fun, fun, fun. But enough of that right now.

We're leaving for Europe on Monday. I'm going to try to collect everyone's adresses but if you really want me to write to you, comment or email me or something. Or call. That works too.

Crazy things...I saw my cousins this weekend, if only for two days, which was fun. We drew a lot, Gabby finished the entirety of the Chrono Crusade manga in one night, and I started playing Kingdom Hearts...which is terribly addicting. Proving that once again that I don't just get into a fandom, I dive in head first and hurt myself. XD (and Tokyopop, you make my day. Wait! I thought I was saving up for a tablet! I mean...)

Yes, so now thanks to Michael having a PS2 and Ashley's powers of persuasion, I'm a full-fledged Kingdom Hearts fan...whoo~

Speaking of Ashley, we've been hanging out more often, which is nice. I'm still struggling to find time to see my school friends, though...well, August will be better. But I'll be working more and trying to get cosplay done early, so it'll require some time management on my part..yay...(notice I'm not very enthusiastic)

I was very happy to get a letter from [ profile] usagi_alchemist a few days ago. I don't know why, but getting snail mail is very exciting. Are you going to be in Vermont for a while longer? If not, email me your address so I can write to you!

I have some pictures I want to put up (yay for my digital camera) but that'll have to wait until I'm done packing, so my mom will let me use the computer at home.

Holy crap, I'm so excited for cosplay this year~~ (*reminds self, on another note, to buy birthday presents for several people while away*)

itsuka dareka ga itteta you ni
kotae wa kaze no naka

furishiboru koe to nigirishimeru sono te de
unmei wa kitto kawaru toki o matte'iru
chippoke na ai no sasayaka na chikara de
kanashimi wa itsumo dakareru no o matte'iru


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