Nov. 4th, 2006 03:15 pm
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I'm bored. Trying to convince myself to either work on college stuff, homework, or my various doujinshi. Instead I will type up my "Best of Final Fantasy" playlist.

1. Final Fantasy Main Theme
2. Opening ~ First Mission (Live Orchestra ver.) [Final Fantasy VII]
3. Don't Be Afraid (Live Orchestra ver.) [Final Fantasy VIII]
4. Sara ni Tatakau Mono-tachi--Those Who Fight Further [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
5. Aerith's Theme (Live Orchestra ver.) [Final Fantasy VII]
6. Liberi Fatali [Final Fantasy VIII]
7. The Rocking Grounds (Live ver.) [Final Fantasy III]
8. Aerith's Theme (Piano ver.) [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
9. J-E-N-O-V-A [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
10. The Man With the Machine Gun (Live ver.) [Final Fantasy VIII]
11. Suteki da ne--Isn't it Beautiful? [Final Fantasy X] vocals: RIKKI
12. Zanarkand ni te [Final Fantasy X]
13. Advent: One Winged Angel [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
14. Cloud Smiles [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
15. Tifa's Theme [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
16. Tatakau Mono-tachi--Those Who Fight (Piano ver.) [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
17. One Winged Angel (Live ver.) [Final Fantasy VII]
18. Maybe I'm a Lion (Live ver.) [Final Fantasy VIII]
19. Swing de Chocobo (Live ver.) [Final Fantasy]
20. Opera: Maria and Doraku [Final Fantasy VI]
21. The Chase of Highway [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
22. CALLING [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children] vocals: Himuro Kyosuke

Final Fantasy is an RPG
the only one I need
it's the RPG for me
Final Fantasy it consumes my life
and that is why I
will never have a wife...
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Wow. Okay. Five words.

Disney. Characters. Singing. In. Japanese.


This is why we love Kingdom Hearts.

In other news, I forgot how much fun cosplay is when 1. the costume isn't ridiculously difficult and 2. you aren't doing things last minute.

So...Progress Report! )

subarashii! Under the Sea
datte watashi no iu koto shinjite!
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Played AirSoft today (if that's how you say it) with Em, Alex and the gang. Fun. :) I got shot three times or so, but it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Handling the guns was fun because I was around people that could have fun while taking them seriously. I remembered my gun safety, too. Yays. No ticks, either. (Unlike Em...sorry. ;_;)

Chapter 58 has finally been scanlated. Ask me for the password if you want.

This vacation has been fun, but it's been way too short. (what am I saying; still 3 more days!) I'm really not ready to go back to school, though. Ugh.

Saturday I went to Sasuga, and got FMA 11 (they had everything but 10, wtf), Busou Renkin 10 (yay!), the 4th ToS Comic Anthology and the 2nd FMA artbook. *drool*. On my way to class on Wednesday I got Chrono Crusade 6&7 (omg8isoutinJune) as well as the soundtrack for the first FMA game. It makes me so happy. I love soundtracks. <33333 And it has a remix of "Kesenai Tsumi" on it. <333 (also, the best track names ever: Pizza Time! and Go Ahead Rapidly)


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