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Still can't find my camera cord. Rawr.

Yesterday was a good day. Except for...well...I don’t know. I feel like something bad happened, but I can’t think of anything...but I was a lot more alert, awake and happy than I’ve been in a while. And it wasn’t the meds because I felt that way before I took them...hmm. Well. For some reason there are things I feel like talking about BESIDES anime and video games, omg.

Hmm, first off. ToBeGLAD day. (...which letters are supposed to be capitalized again? Ow, my head.) Well, this year seemed to go pretty smoothly, no crazyness that I heard of, unlike last year. (Ignorant people piss me off so much...argh.) I’m not an active member of the GSA anymore since I can’t stay after school on Mondays, and I didn’t get to go to any panels, but I DID get a sticker. (no food, tho. Damn.) I regretted not getting to see anyone speak, but...I was happy that it got me thinking, in a way. I sometimes forget during daily life, but I was reminded while wearing the pink triangle sticker...suddenly being very aware that I was nervous to let it show when I left the school building to walk home. In a better world, I wouldn’t have to worry, but if I didn’t have to worry, there’d be no reason for the stickers in the first place. Sobering, yes. But an important lesson.

It’s strange because when I interact with my friends who are gay or bi or whatever, I’m the straight one. While the truth is that right now I’m undefined. It’s a complicated issue because there’s so much pressure to choose an identity for yourself in high school, whatever you may be. Yes, it’s great that my school is so tolerant but it gets frustrating when people want to know “which one” you are. I mean, geez. I’m not interested in dating anyone right now, period, and I never have been. People don’t believe me when I tell them I’ve honestly never had a crush on anyone. (anyone real, that is, of course. -_-) So they say “Oh, you must be asexual” and to me it’s kind of like “Why does it matter? Why do you need to know? I’m not going to decide who I’ll spend the rest of my life with at seventeen!”

*sighs* Well, I do tend to think about guys a little more but no guy in particular, and I have no urges to kiss anyone. But I really think, if there’s someone I love, it won’t matter to me what sex or gender they are. (yes, those are different things)

On a related note, we’re watching Angels in America in Creative Writing,’s...well...amazing. I can’t really find the right words to describe it. I could say tragic and funny and beautiful but that wouldn’t even come close. I’ve been reduced to tears several times already and will again before we’re done...I want to see the play live now. It’s also fantastically inspiring.

Now, completely unrelated: for once, I am a geek about something different. What? (I’m going to get killed for this one) Chem. Yes. Chemistry. In class we were finishing our labs and I kind of had this moment where I sat up and was like “Chemical formulas are fun!” I should be shot. XD Seriously.

Hmm...I thought this entry would be longer. Oh well. I’ll spare you. Off to write something ormaybedrawyaoi I mean, what?

"If someone could I possibly explain what he means to me? A friend? That's ridiculous. A single word can't cover it.

"Someone I fight alongside. Someone I trust completely. Someone I rely on...someone who can understand me.

"Someone I'd give my life for. Someone I couldn't bear to lose.

"Someone...I want to protect."
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EDIT: These people are my HEROES.

Feeling a lot more coherent than I was last night.

Basically, Emurii did a lot better job of explaining the concert than I did. XD But it was a different experiance for both of us...mostly because I was really there just to see Dir en grey. I felt kind of bad that I was so bored for the first three hours waiting for them, but I just wasn't really into any of the other bands. I prefer meaningful lyrics to overdone swearing. It's not as if I'm a total prude; I swear myself. It's not like I don't think it's okay to swear in songs, but I think it should be making a point. If you say "fuck" three times in every line, it starts not meaning anything anymore, and just sounds pathetic.

Anyway, Diru was pretty damn amazing. I always forget how....wrenching Kyo's voice is. Is there another way to describe it? I already said amazing. Awesome. That's repetitive. But yeah. I admire him so much. So the handshake thing wasn't a fangirly "OMG DO ME" kind of thing (ew), but more of a "Holy shit I am in awe of this person because he's an inspiration to me and I got to TOUCH HIM." That's basically it. *_*

Afterward Emurii chilled at my house for a bit waiting for her mom to come home, and we watched some of Nausicaa (the Miyazaki movie) and got some pretty hilarious quotes out of it.

Today youth group started up again, which I wasn't terribly enthusiastic about but at least now I have an excuse to see [ profile] kiinu weekly. And we got to go mini-golfing, so that was all right. The ice cream was good. Church-wise, my mom still makes me go, but I got out of being an acolyte by joining the choir again. Now I can exercise my singing voice, and Akasaka-sensei makes me very happy. I told her about the concert in Japanese this morning. I was very proud of myself. <3

Beh, it sucks that [ profile] kiinu and I live so far away (okay, four miles, but whatever) because we've been doing so many awesome things together lately. Thanks to conversations with her I've been drawing a lot more and got my cosplay urge back. <3

I was frustrated with my Riku jacket and gave up for a while, but now I'm gonna start working again. I organized all my fabric and patterns today, which is REALLY helpful. I got rid of my olllld pattern that I used way back when for my Misao costume, because it really sucked. (it was inaccurate and fit badly) Now I have seperate kimono and pants patterns from other costumes, so I don't need it anymore. That felt...refreshing, somehow. I finished the Sora shirt and am gonna start working on everyone's gloves. My Cloud gloves are gonna be a bitch. >.>

Cosplay status )

and I don't care what race or what color or what creed
all that shit don't bother me
only one thing that you should not forget
you gotta treat yo mama with respect

(....this song. You know what I think of when I listen to it. And it's not MY mother. XD)
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I'm writing again. Wow.

The Waiting Game )

Other things...for those who follow my DA know I've been drawing a lot, despite school, thanks to my tablet. <3 By the way, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] spanish_silver!!!! This is for you. ^^

Okay. ARGH. I don't know if it's just LJ or this stupid school Mac, but you know how LJ saves what you're writing every now and then? EVERY TIME IT DOES THAT, THE SCREEN SCROLLS ALL THE WAY UP AUTOMATICALLY. It's driving me CRAZY.

................It seems to have stopped. Good. NO WAIT, DOING IT AGAIN. >:[

Anyway...chapter 5 of the Kingdom Hearts II manga is out in Japan! I just got both books of Chain of Memories last weekend, so this makes me a very happy fangirl. I'm also proud that I can understand at least 80% of what's going on <3 Thank you, Nakamura-sensei, even though you were scary. Anyway, I found someone on LiveJournal that scans the chapters and puts them up for download, so I have the raws on my computer. Otherwise I think I would have resorted to lurking outside Sasuga Books waiting for the monthly Shounen Gangan to arrive.

Oh, yeah, speaking of which, ch. 5 has Axel's first appearance in II. Er....let's just say...Okay, I love Axel. But holy shit, Amano-sensei really played it up there. XD (Don't click if shounen-ai-ish references bother you.) (Oh, and that's not my LJ, that's the lovely hopeless slash fangirl person that uploads the chapters.)

...........The scene itself didn't really bother me, but THE ICONS. I'm on a KH icon community and OH GOD THE ICONS.

[begin rant] )

Oh yeah, working on a new layout, so my current setup is having issues. Ignore them.

Aa....ore wa...hitori ja nai.
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The first day of school was...interesting. Tai dressed up as Charlie Chaplan, which was pretty great. I wanted to do something interesting too, but I had to ride my bike in...

A: Monday and Thursday, Wellness with Becca and Joy. Otherwise, free. It's all good.

B: East Asian History, in which half the class are my friends. XD This is going to be fairly awesome.

C: free

D: free

E: Chem. With a bunch of sophomores...they seem nice enough but the teacher is a bit...strange. It looks like it'll be awkward for a little while. At least the workload promises to be not overwhelming.

F: Creative Writing, which Chen. Yes. I'm actually really looking forward to this, because I need to write more. <3

G: Academic Strategies, but this time with new people that don't seem to be retarded delinquents (It's harsh of me to say that, but last year it was true, goddamnit) and best of all, Annoying Homophobic Bitchy Girl isn't in my class. YES.

That's about it. Japanese starts the 18th, I think.

As for work...WTF. My new manager has issues. I liked Sean better. We're short on people so there's NO ONE that can cover for me on Saturday, meaning I'm missing Becca's birthday party. ;_; That and I can't believe Dave expects me to be able to get to work at 4pm after school. It's ridiculous. I'm going back to my ten hours a week schedule whether he likes it or not. And if he fires me, so what. Then I can go get a job at a bookstore or somewhere interesting.

Other stuff, because nobody cares....Let's talk about Final Fantasy VII )

Noli manere, manere in memoria
Noli manere, manere in memoria
Sephiroth, Sephiroth...
Saevam iram, iram et dolorem
Saevam iram, iram et dolorem
Sephiroth, Sephiroth...
Ferum terrible, ferum fatum
Noli manere, manere in memoria...
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Tomorrow is...the last day of summer. Not particularly remarkable usually, but as Emurii keeps saying, it's our last day of summer as high school students. Kinda scary. I still feel so damn young. Man.

This term I expect to be crazy. I got SAT II reg over with (I overslept in the spring and missed 'em >.>) but now I have to study, along with college applications, and visiting, and I have to keep up my grades. I'm taking less classes thanks to my IEP but Japanese is now 7:30 to 9:30, meaning....I'll be least it won't take as long to get home, because my dad's taking Italian on Tuesdays. And it might actually be EASIER to get work done, since I won't have to go straight from school, and can eat dinner beforehand. I dunno. I'm gonna miss JJ-san tho. ;_; At least [ profile] usagi_alchemist and [ profile] crimsonnataku will still be there...I think...

I just hope I'll have time to do fun work on comics, now that I have a tablet. <3 Everything is SO MUCH EASIER. I finally completed a real comic. Okay, it's a four-koma omake, but whatever.

Hmmm...other things...first of all.

[ profile] kiinu ? YOU'RE AWESOME. And you know why. XD

I hung out with [ profile] spanish_silver this weekend, and I got to show her Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII. Finally, someone who doesn't care that I listen to Disney songs in Japanese. XD She gave me a belated birthday present, which makes me very happy because it's Princess Tutu vol. 1. Nevermind that this week I've been dorkier than ever. It's so damn fun.

Got pretty far in KH and FFVII; I'm ready to go to Hollow Bastion in the former but I'm gonna wander around for items and level up first. As for the latter...I see why this is so popular NINE YEARS LATER. Yeah. Red XIII kicks serious ass.

Hopefully I'll see some people tomorrow at Emurii's!
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IT'S COLD. It should not be this cold in June.

Animamundi is just...fantastic. Sketchy as hell, but fantastic. It makes me so happy~~ I need to get it from Chen before school is over. And oh look gorgeous cosplay.

[ profile] spanish_silver lent me her Rurouni Kenshin OST collection to put on my iPod (which I fixed, somewhat) and it makes me terribly happy. It's so nostalgic listening to it, since I remember so many of the tracks.

My 17th birthday is on Monday. Meaning I'll legally be able to watch R-rated movies. How scary.

Speaking of which:

The List of Materialism FUTATABI! :O )
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Warning: be prepared for expletives ahead.

...shit. I should have seen this coming. And now I have a paper to write in history about whether or not we should have dropped the atomic bomb. I HATE this subject. I'm not saying I ignore it, but I hate it when people try to get me to draw conclusions about it. As a kid in my class said, "There was so much wrong about it, and so much right about it." It's so damn complicated that it's making me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to decide what my opinion is. Luckily, I have all of vacation to brood on it. Joy.

Also--due to my French project, I'm not going to be in Japanese class today. :/

EDIT: Iz-kun wrote a WHAT? )

EDIT 2: I have come to the conclusion that Rose of Versailles cosplayers are the most amazing people everrrr. Not only are they anime fans, but THEY MAKE ACCURATE PERIOD DRESSES. *drools*

Also, it is not fair because the Isabella is gorgeous. How am I ever going to live up to that? *_*

God of the Wars
heiwa o inoru airu Mars
keredo kyo mo sekai wa
mawaru mawaritsuzukeru...
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Sudden urge to listen to Trance to Homunculus. Weirdness.

Today was a good day. (except not to die.) I got a 98 on my history test. Who 0wnz the Great Depression now, bitch? XD (Haha, Emurii, me being I also got my book in the mail. Whoo~~ I ordered it express, apparently, so the shipping cost three times as much as the book itself...But it was so worth it. I'm incredibly happy. FMA vol. 13 is PINK. It looks dark red on the internet, but it's totally pink. (haha, fuschia) And Ed looking so sinister on the cover with his hood up makes it even better. XD And the cards are amazing. Only the face cards (J, Q, K, A) have characters on them, but they still make me happy. The Jokers are Yoki and Shinri-kun, which is amazing. <3 (they also have Engerish on them! =D) They came in a little cardboard case and everything.

I'm such a dorrrrk. I was almost as delighted by the little fold-out ads that came in the book as the cards. But one of them was for the OVA, in color, and holycrapthechibisaresocute. *squeak* I want to get the Radio DJ-Cds, though I'm not really sure what they are, mostly because the covers are adorable. (Especially the ones with Scar and Lust, and Ed and Noa.)

Did more on my doujinshi, too, and I only have to finish one French assignment, and the term is almost over! Last term I only have to worry about keeping up. :) SATs aren't until May for me...I'm feeling much better than I have in a while. I hope everyone else is doing okay to~~

Yes, this is the evil grin icon I was talking about. XD

Emurii, I will read and comment on your prose tomorrow morning, when I have more time. ^^
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HOLYCRAP. *drools*

But...I can't afford it right now...I think I'm going to go cry in a corner.

My silly Academic Strategies class is working out, somewhat, even if all the kids in it annoy the hell out of me and the teacher acts like I'm a delinquent. One more French assignment to make up. And I actually understand what's going on in Physics class. yay. English is not so good, but mostly because I hate Mr. Lallas. Alas, tomorrow is Registration Day (with the capital letters and all), so NO SCARLET LETTER TEST FOR US. *evil laughter*

I am now updating my DevART site more often now that I have access to the scanners at school. And Photoshop. I forgot how theraputic it is for me to color things on the computer. They end up so clean and nice-looking. So please go check out what I've done, I worked really hard. :)

And, finally, all my music is on my iPod for once, we're set for anime club this year (we have a laptop to watch FMA on now!) and I hope to actually get cracking on cosplay next weekend. Sunday fell through because apparently my mom had no idea I wanted to bring friends and completely flipped out. So I got to see Ashley for, like, an hour since I didn't call her soon enough, but no progress was made. *sigh* I still need suspenders for Heiderich and have no idea where to get them.

New layout, crappy and made in Paint, but I don't really care. I like the icons. FMA chapter 53~~ Yay~~ (well, more like "ANGST~~~", but that's okay.)

Guess what, guys. THE BOONDOCKS ISN'T ANIME. )

tori no you ni habtaketa nara
kimi no moto de tondeyuku deshou
soshite kizu o otta sono se ni
boku no hane o sashidasu deshou
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Still a few bumps in the road ahead, but things are getting better.

I didn't make it to Tokyo Kid in time to get the 8th FMA DVD (sorry, anime club people, it was sold out.) but instead I bought the Hagaren Song File Best Compilation, which makes me really happy. <3 It has all the image songs, which I have, but the second disc has remixes (I like the new versions of Ashita e no Basho and Boy Friends!) as well as two new songs sung by all five. LASTMEETing makes me cry, and GOOD! makes me extemely happy because it's full of awesome Engerish. XD

I also got Chrono Crusade 5 (<3) and the second FMA novel, "The Abducted Alchemst", which also makes me REALLY HAPPY. Let's just say...ED IS ROY'S ILLEGITEMATE SON. XDDDD <3

So...I'm happier than I've been in a while...still got work to do, but feeling much better about it.


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