Oct. 5th, 2007 09:11 am
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Finally got my brother to help me fix my DS charger (my bunny chewed through the wire x.x) so I'm playing Diamond again...finally caught my Cresselia, which wasn't poisoned like I thought, so that was good. It took me two tries, because the first time I had it down to red health and used an attack that should have only taken off half of what it had left...but it was a critical hit, so it fainted. x.x Luckily I had saved right beforehand, so I just turned the system off and tried again. I named it Delilah. XD (I dunno, it looks like a Delilah.)

Man, I cannot express how much I love this game. <3 Makes me almost want to go back and play all the older Pokemon games, except...I can't even imagine making that time commitment at this point. Ah well. I'm very grateful to people helping a n00b like me out...XD I just wish my WiFi worked so I could use the GTS again, but...my dad can't be bothered to figure out what's wrong with the connection.

But seriously...this game is like...having children? I feel weird saying that, but my Pokemon are like...my babies. >.> I get upset when they faint and stuff. And I'm amused by how the things they say when you go to the Footprint guy tend to match their personalities...my Golbat is "impetuous and silly" and only likes me a little, so he says something like "Even though my kind is often shunned, I'm still part of Arra's team...but that said, I don't intend to be at all cheerful around her!" XDD And oh man, my Drifloon...he's adorable...I named him Cloud because he's so depressed. (Quiet nature, somewhat stubborn. <3 ) He's starting to like me more, though, which makes me happy. Like that girl at the Manaphy event said..."Oh how much we care about arrangements of computer data!" >.>

Speaking of Manaphy, I've discovered that it acts like a traded Pokemon...it gets double EXP and you can't change its nickname. I wanted to name mine Kojiro. Now that I think of it, it has nothing to do with Team Rocket...I was thinking of the blue Cucco from Ocarina of time...XD Ah well, it will always be "Kojiro" in my heart...XD

...should be going to look at tablets for real today, since I got another check, as long as it doesn't give me trouble. I'm also going to try to get to a Gamestop so i can get my hands on Phantom Hourglass...and I'm regretting not buying Drawn to Life with the $5 coupon at the Manaphy event, but oh well. I'm gonna get it anyway, it looks so cute. <3

Four Unown to go...


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