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.... amused.

So, my brother was watching me play Kingdom Hearts II (my Proud Mode game, I'm about to fight Luxord) and, well. He's started the game, but he got frustrated with the whole Roxas thing, and he decided he'd play the first game so he'd know what the hell was going on. Despite the fact that the Disney stuff makes him cringe. (He's 21. XD ) Can't say I'm not happy. Even if he keeps talking about how the creators were on acid and how gay Sora and Riku are. (it mostly amuses the hell out of me. Obviously the fangirls didn't pull it out of nowhere.) So I stayed up till nearly 5 am to help with with the puzzles...and now I regret it...-_- I think I'll go take a nap once I'm done checking messages...but it's nice to bond with my brother, considering we were always at each other's throats when we were younger. (Read: He went out of his way to pick on me and I didn't like it.) I guess he's grown up a bit. Emotionally, at least.

Urgh. I was expecting to get the extra money from working on Monday but I don't get it until next week, because the period ended before that. Which means I don't have any extra money to get my tablet with, and once I buy that and pay rent for this month, I'll be flat broke till my next check. But I don't want to wait a whole nother damn week for this. Ughhhh.

At least I'll be hanging with Becca and Emurii this weekend...something to look forward to. And I got an extra hour online. (I think) So now my internet time is from 9 am to 12 pm and 3pm to 5 pm. So I will actually be on when people are home from school, thank god. Gah. My parents drive me crazy.

...and sometime very soon I have to go to JoAnn's, because I need the materials for my Halloween costume AND I promised my sister I'd help her with hers...>.< And I have to finish Joe's Kuja costume soon because he's been doing such an amazing job with my 1st Tsurugi...(god I can't wait to see that thing when it's finished.) Then I have to get my ass in gear and finish Cloud, and start Guy...and finish Asch's Sora that I've been promising her AND help her with...Asch, haha. And Sophie's movie!Al, which I have also been promising her for forever, but that'll take me maybe 5 hours tops. (2.5 for the jacket and 2.5 for the shirt. It's nice and simple)

.....then, maybe, I can look into finishing Martel (ohhh I screwed up bigtime with that one, but I hope so badly it's salvageable, because I worked so hard on it) and consider making my suuuperrr seeecret costume for Anime Expo 2008. (yes we are going. It'll be amazing. <3 )

...I hate myself sometimes. I really do.

Alex wants me to come to the BAGLY Halloween dance, but...I don't know. I'd rather not be in the middle of a bunch of people grinding. The costumes do not make it any better, just as the dresses didn't make it any better at prom. Don't people dance in a normal way anymore? (I sound so old and crochety.) Also, I really don't want people hitting on me. I don't like it. Maybe I'm flattering myself, but ehh. I find it creepy, no matter who it is. .......except for one person, of course. Which is exactly why. that I think about it, whether she was joking around or not, I never had a problem with Leonie hitting on me. God, why did it take me so long to figure things out?

moshi mo sekai ga kawaru no nara
nani mo shiranai koro no watashi ni
tsurete itte omoide ga iro asenai you ni
tsurete itte setsunasa ga oitsukanai you ni
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(Asch - Here's the link for the lyrics to "Why". Scroll down. Kana, romaji and English. :D)

So. Let's talk about my love affair with Zack. And FFVII in general. )

Everyone seems to be getting sick lately. Ugh. Even I'm a bit sick, but I didn't get as bad as my poor sister, and it's not like I have school to miss. I get my next paycheck tomorrow, which means it's tablet time. Wheee.

Oh. Amusingly enough, I went back to my Kingdom Hearts 1 game, which I never actually finished, (I got stuck on the boss fight with that freaky bat thing from Fantasia that scared the wits out of me as a child) so that I could sketch out a map of the Hollow Bastion library for my various doujinshi. Well, I got a bit involved, and started drawing other pieces of the scenery (like the stained glass windows O.o) and after a while I found myself gaping in awe. Because, shit, I never noticed the incredible amount of detail that went into this game. I just took it for granted. But the architecture and everything, especially the castle, is freaking gorgeous. Have you ever looked up at the ceiling of the Lift Stop? It's incredible. And my brother had to make come snide comment about "crappy graphics". HAH.

Not that I'm ragging on KH II. I love both games. But even though they're a connected story, they can't be compared to one another. They're too different. I started playing my game again and got to right before the final boss fight, but I'm going to try to complete this game, too. It was such a wonderful experience to go back to it.

I mean, remember when Sora was little and cute? Remember when spells besides Cure and Thunder where actually useful? (Fire OMG) Remember when your PARTY MEMBERS were actually useful? Remember being practically invincible with 2 MP Rages? Remember the crazy impossible puzzles and the Trinity Marks? Remember the mazelike areas with NO MAPS? XD It's like I've never played this game before, except the experience wouldn't be the same if I hadn't.

*sigh* ...well, it felt good, to say the least. XD Now I want Ultima Weapon. It's item-hunting time!

Why kodoku na sora miageru no?
Why waratte misete yo
kotoba ni suru no ga heta na
anata no seikaku wakaru kara
shinjite mite
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Um, for Valentine's day I bring you....emo Roxas icons. Because the newest chapter of the Kingdom Hearts II manga was just so goddamn depressing. Awww.

Feel free to use them, whatever. Credit would be nice, but I won't hunt you down if you don't...

(not bothering with a cut since there are only 5)

And OMG a happy!

Credit to [ profile] maiki for the scans, of course.

Edit: For those who can't read it, the Japanese says "mou modorenai", which is one of Roxas' lines. It means "we can't go back."

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So my brother was home from school for break, an unfortunately he is addicted to W.o.Warcrack, so I didn't get much computer access for the past few days. I'm currently working on my 3,000 hits thank-you pic for my DeviantArt page, so I guess I'll link it or whatever when it's done...I've never done anything like it before, so I hope it turns out all right.

Thanksgiving was okay. We went out for Japanese, which is decidedly better than turkey. <3 And I had soba~ Friday was annoying, though, because my mom decided it would be a good time to take a family trip into Boston and do who knows what. She wanted to walk the Freedom Trail, but my sister, my brother and I were rather unenthusiastic...we ran off to Borders for an hour or so when the opportunity arose. I'm all for family trips, but nobody was really in the mood...ah, well.

I realized something about my college applications: I've gotten my priorities mixed up. I was so intimidated by the process that I became unable to differentiate between what I wanted and what my parents wanted. I'm currently setting that straight. Hope things work out.

KH II status: Stuck on the second Demyx fight, arghhh. I need to level up...

[ profile] akisolj and [ profile] spanish_silver came over yesterday, and we attempted to work on Beeca's Aerith dress, though I dunno how successful it was...but it was nice to see them. I still have a bunch of people I need to catch up with...hang out...maybe next weekend...

Cosplay Status )

hoshi yori kagayaku yume ga aru dakara
kowaresou na ima de mo
ore wa kimi no kiseki ni naru
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Seriously, guys. I poll you and you want to see my art, but I get two comments on that post and 10 on a crappy snapshot of my pet rabbit. Are you trying to tell me to go into photography or something?

Okay, Willow is cute. And I'm not trying to sound like a comment whore or anything...but my art means a lot to me. I am considering making it my life's work. So a little feedback is appreciated...

That's strange, but I realized there are certain aspects of my life that I just...never talk about. Not because I'm trying to hide anything; I just don't. Like karate. I've been taking it since 2nd grade and at least half of my friends have no idea. I just find that it just because it doesn't come up in conversation?

I don't know why I'm saying this now, I just feel like it for some reason. But hopefully, if I get in shape and don't injure myself again, I'll be getting my black belt soon. I mean, it may be kid's karate, but a black belt is a black belt. And I'm pretty excited. That and Chris-sensei is AWESOME. I love him. Because he actually TEACHES me things.

I just need to get better at Dan....augh...maybe I should teach it to my sister, so she can help me practice.

Trying to balance school, college stuff, drawing and cosplay...not fun. Good thing I didn't sign up for WriMo this year.


So, after the FMA fandom, I thought I didn't have a soul left. Well, apparently I did because it's gone...again. The scariest thing about this game is that it's at least 10x better than the first game. And I thought the first game was good.

AHHH SORA. I love that kid. *is shot* [/Aki]

Speaking of Aki, she came over Sunday and we were waiting for her parents, so we spontaneously sat down and started watching the Lion King. And for some reason, it was BETTER than when I watched it as a kid. Maybe because I actually caught and understood the dialogue. I don't know.

I think I had a really deprived childhood. Either that, or the reason Kingdom Hearts is so amazing is simply because it's Disney + Squeenix. A.K.A. the two best things on Earth put together.

So who's up for a Disney movie marathon over break?
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I'm writing again. Wow.

The Waiting Game )

Other things...for those who follow my DA know I've been drawing a lot, despite school, thanks to my tablet. <3 By the way, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] spanish_silver!!!! This is for you. ^^

Okay. ARGH. I don't know if it's just LJ or this stupid school Mac, but you know how LJ saves what you're writing every now and then? EVERY TIME IT DOES THAT, THE SCREEN SCROLLS ALL THE WAY UP AUTOMATICALLY. It's driving me CRAZY.

................It seems to have stopped. Good. NO WAIT, DOING IT AGAIN. >:[

Anyway...chapter 5 of the Kingdom Hearts II manga is out in Japan! I just got both books of Chain of Memories last weekend, so this makes me a very happy fangirl. I'm also proud that I can understand at least 80% of what's going on <3 Thank you, Nakamura-sensei, even though you were scary. Anyway, I found someone on LiveJournal that scans the chapters and puts them up for download, so I have the raws on my computer. Otherwise I think I would have resorted to lurking outside Sasuga Books waiting for the monthly Shounen Gangan to arrive.

Oh, yeah, speaking of which, ch. 5 has Axel's first appearance in II. Er....let's just say...Okay, I love Axel. But holy shit, Amano-sensei really played it up there. XD (Don't click if shounen-ai-ish references bother you.) (Oh, and that's not my LJ, that's the lovely hopeless slash fangirl person that uploads the chapters.)

...........The scene itself didn't really bother me, but THE ICONS. I'm on a KH icon community and OH GOD THE ICONS.

[begin rant] )

Oh yeah, working on a new layout, so my current setup is having issues. Ignore them.

Aa....ore wa...hitori ja nai.
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Tomorrow is...the last day of summer. Not particularly remarkable usually, but as Emurii keeps saying, it's our last day of summer as high school students. Kinda scary. I still feel so damn young. Man.

This term I expect to be crazy. I got SAT II reg over with (I overslept in the spring and missed 'em >.>) but now I have to study, along with college applications, and visiting, and I have to keep up my grades. I'm taking less classes thanks to my IEP but Japanese is now 7:30 to 9:30, meaning....I'll be least it won't take as long to get home, because my dad's taking Italian on Tuesdays. And it might actually be EASIER to get work done, since I won't have to go straight from school, and can eat dinner beforehand. I dunno. I'm gonna miss JJ-san tho. ;_; At least [ profile] usagi_alchemist and [ profile] crimsonnataku will still be there...I think...

I just hope I'll have time to do fun work on comics, now that I have a tablet. <3 Everything is SO MUCH EASIER. I finally completed a real comic. Okay, it's a four-koma omake, but whatever.

Hmmm...other things...first of all.

[ profile] kiinu ? YOU'RE AWESOME. And you know why. XD

I hung out with [ profile] spanish_silver this weekend, and I got to show her Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII. Finally, someone who doesn't care that I listen to Disney songs in Japanese. XD She gave me a belated birthday present, which makes me very happy because it's Princess Tutu vol. 1. Nevermind that this week I've been dorkier than ever. It's so damn fun.

Got pretty far in KH and FFVII; I'm ready to go to Hollow Bastion in the former but I'm gonna wander around for items and level up first. As for the latter...I see why this is so popular NINE YEARS LATER. Yeah. Red XIII kicks serious ass.

Hopefully I'll see some people tomorrow at Emurii's!
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Okay...I've been neglecting LJ lately. Not that I don't have things to say, but I haven't felt like putting them down...mostly because it doesn't seem worth it, because I don't know if I'm just doing this for myself or if people actually read it. Heck, maybe I'm just an uninteresting person. I don't know. But I don't seem to get comments, even when I talk about something that's important to me....I'm not trying to be all like "OMG ATTENTION WHORE" guys, but that's just how it is. I don't know.

I've been on DA a lot. Drawing mostly. Ashley got me a tablet. <3 Well, she gave me her old one but I owe her big time anyway. I bought her Advent Children to make up for it. ^^ (which so many of you NEED TO SEE. >.>) We've been RPing over AIM a's fun. Cracky, but fun.

Speaking of which, only a few people know, so...I FINALLY GOT MY PS2. Ranmaru joins the family. <3

Ugh. Though. I had started a game of KH on Ashley's memory card, and we transferred it to mine, and I got a lot father in a day or so (about two and a half worlds. I made it to Tarzan...Wonderland was so TRIPPY. It drove me crazy. I mean, it was supposed to be weird, but without a walkthrough I would have been screwed. NOMURA, WHY HAVE YOU NO MAPS IN YOUR GAME. Olympus Coliseum though...oh man. Hades is the best Disney villain. And Cloud OMG. <3 Haha. I held out pretty long against him...then he killed Donald and Goofy and there was no one left to distract him. >.> Dodge roll is your friend! I beat Cerberus in 4 tries, woot. Not bad for me, at least. fast...Leon killed me....)

Anyway...yes...Tarzan...I got lost and frustrated. XD I couldn't figure out how to get out of the vines, so I sister started her own game. So today I went to play mine and all I saw on the screen was her save I FLIPPED because I thought she had saved over my game. Five hours of my life there. Then I realized her file was labeled "2", and scrolled up...needless to say, I was very relieved. But when I proceeded to try to load my game...I forgot I was on the SAVE screen and not the LOAD screen and accidentally saved over it anyway. >.< so I started a new game. Got through it leveling up pretty fast, actually. My control is much better now that I've gotten the hang of jumping. (Playing WindWaker for so long threw me off) I also got to make choices knowing what they did. (Staff for magic, reject the sword, keep defense, I'm afraid of being indecisive, friendship is important, I want to be strong. My journey starts in the middle of the night. I'm too honest, even in video makes things harder for me. ^^;) (I also did the YOUR MOM thing. It's priceless, every time. "I'd name the raft Highwind. What would you call it, Sora?" " YOUR MOM!" XD) Got to Traverse Town, still need to fight the Armor Boss. Hopefully it'll only take me one more day to catch up to where I was, since I know all the Wonderland puzzles now.

As for cosplay...yeah. Missed the contest deadline. I've been so damn TIRED lately. Because of work. Getting up at 6 AM in the summer is BAD. And it's somehow...not worth it. I've been doing more hours, both in general and per day, but at $7.50 an hour, the proportion isn't right. I was happier making only $70 a week because I wasn't completely dead. -__- So really I've only been able to focus on certain things. SAT II math course didn't help. >.< So drawing and playing games and RPing...easy and stress relieving. Cosplay? No. I love cosplay, but it's more work than other things. That and I hit a difficult spot, and I have to redo the jacket collar. Just the thought depresses me. Ugh, ripping stitches...>.<

I haven't bought any books since Europe, I Need FMA #14. And the Kingdom Hearts manga, because it's SO DAMN CUTE.

Sora: ...*standing behind Leon*
Leon: ...Hey there.
Sora: ...I'm interrupting something. *turns to leave*
Cloud: It's fine.
Sora: *stops* ...Are you sure?
Cloud: I think we were about finished, anyway.
(Read: The conversation was about to dissolve into ellipses.)
Leon: I'm going to go make you two hot chocolate. *turns and leaves with a smile*
Sora: ...That sentence was like...9 words.
Cloud: Surprisingly enough, before you came I managed to count thirteen...
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Three days in a row, eight hours, starting at 7 am...I'm beat. And I'm working Sunday. -_- Hopefully my manager realized that I can't take all these hours and he'll cut down my schedule.

WTF I want my PS2.

I'm turning [ profile] te_ashi into an icon journal as well. I think this was inspired by Emurii. I'm working my way through a massive multi-fandom icon dump right now...

Oh, yeah...Kingdom Hearts...FUJIWARA KEIJI VOICES AXEL. WHO CALLED IT, DAMMIT. HELL YEAH. He must have this thing about badass redheads; I mean, first Reno, then Nue from Karas, and now Axel...damn, now I need to go find his fanlisting and join it. Oboeteiro!

Finally finished Kill Bill 2 with Chen. That took us..what, a year?
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PS2 status: not bought. I do have memory cards and KH 1 though. The world must hate me. It foils my plans at every step! Anyway, at this rate I'm gonna have to wait until next Thursday to buy it. *sigh* Oh well.

However, this has given me the push to work on cosplay again, which I've neglected for the past few days. My Riku pants are done! Now I just need to do the jacket...get the shirt zipper...the shoes...the wig....eheh...well, I do think I'll be able to finish it in time for the contest, though.

Next week is going to be crazy busy, because I'm working 5 days in a row. >.< I will try hard to hang out with people. Speaking of which...

Max and Emurii came over yesterday, which was pretty cool even though we didn't do much. We played Tekken 4, which I sucked at, and watched the Nightmare Before Christmas, which I can now claim to have seen. I've also been hanging out with Ashley more lately. <3

A few days ago, I chilled with Alex and the South gang (some of them) in Newton Centre, which was pretty awesome. We also sorted out Alex's cosplay fabric, and he gave me all of his leftover vinyl so I don't really have to pay for Chi's costume! Whoo! Heh.

Because NC is where the cool kids are. )

tonari no kaiso wa aoku mieru sa
yuki ni yuku no wa ookii na machigai
mawari o mite goran kono umi no soko
nante suteki na sekai da! koreijo nani o nozomu
ubarashii! Under the Sea
DAARIN' watashi no iu koto shinjite!
achi ja hataraku dake asa kara ban made
kochi ja zutto asonde RAKII! Under the Sea!
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I've been a bit AWOL for the past two days, mostly because of work and stuff, which kind of negates the AWOL thing...but whatever...yeah. I will try to hang out with people...

In other news, I'm getting my PS2 next week! W00t! And please don't ask me why I'm buying a PS2 instead of waiting for the PS3, because I've argued with too many people about this. There are some very simple reasons.

1. The PS3 is scheduled (note: scheduled) to come out in November, whereas I have several games I want to play NOW and do not want to go to a friend's house every time I wish to do so.

2. The PS2 only costs $129 brand new at Best Buy near my house, which is now less than my weekly paycheck.

3. There are enough PS2 games that I want to play, and beat, that it will take me at least two years to finish them all (I'm a slow gamer and have limited time to play), and by that time the PS3 won't cost $600 any more.

4. Final Fantasy VII, goddammit.

Well, yes, FFVII. I've ganked it from a friend. *evil grin* I know the PS3 is supposed to be backwards compatable, but I've heard mixed reports, and some people say it's not going to go all the way back to PS...I don't know. It's just too confusing. And I want to play it as soon as possible. This is my childhood waiting for me to catch up to it! (I still can't believe it myself that I've never actually played it. It's rather sad.)

On another note, Cosplay Lab is setting up for their August Look-Alike contest, starting the 7th. It's for Kairi or Riku from KH. You know what? I'm entering. Hell yes. Meaning I have to finish this costume in two weeks. Better go order my wig.

Wish me luck!
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Wow. Okay. Five words.

Disney. Characters. Singing. In. Japanese.


This is why we love Kingdom Hearts.

In other news, I forgot how much fun cosplay is when 1. the costume isn't ridiculously difficult and 2. you aren't doing things last minute.

So...Progress Report! )

subarashii! Under the Sea
datte watashi no iu koto shinjite!
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No comments on the last entry? I'm shocked. Hurt, even.

I need new icons. I need Kingdom Hearts icons.
EDIT: I have Kingdom Hearts icons.

Mao party yesterday. It was all kinds of fun! )

random pictures of me? )

Love you all, and see you in three weeks!
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Wow...lots of stuff. I need new icons. Maybe a new layout. Since I don't really, well, have one.

School is over. Wow. I survived junior year. Barely. Which means I have to think about college. Fun, fun, fun. But enough of that right now.

We're leaving for Europe on Monday. I'm going to try to collect everyone's adresses but if you really want me to write to you, comment or email me or something. Or call. That works too.

Crazy things...I saw my cousins this weekend, if only for two days, which was fun. We drew a lot, Gabby finished the entirety of the Chrono Crusade manga in one night, and I started playing Kingdom Hearts...which is terribly addicting. Proving that once again that I don't just get into a fandom, I dive in head first and hurt myself. XD (and Tokyopop, you make my day. Wait! I thought I was saving up for a tablet! I mean...)

Yes, so now thanks to Michael having a PS2 and Ashley's powers of persuasion, I'm a full-fledged Kingdom Hearts fan...whoo~

Speaking of Ashley, we've been hanging out more often, which is nice. I'm still struggling to find time to see my school friends, though...well, August will be better. But I'll be working more and trying to get cosplay done early, so it'll require some time management on my part..yay...(notice I'm not very enthusiastic)

I was very happy to get a letter from [ profile] usagi_alchemist a few days ago. I don't know why, but getting snail mail is very exciting. Are you going to be in Vermont for a while longer? If not, email me your address so I can write to you!

I have some pictures I want to put up (yay for my digital camera) but that'll have to wait until I'm done packing, so my mom will let me use the computer at home.

Holy crap, I'm so excited for cosplay this year~~ (*reminds self, on another note, to buy birthday presents for several people while away*)

itsuka dareka ga itteta you ni
kotae wa kaze no naka

furishiboru koe to nigirishimeru sono te de
unmei wa kitto kawaru toki o matte'iru
chippoke na ai no sasayaka na chikara de
kanashimi wa itsumo dakareru no o matte'iru


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