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Yu-gi-oh! The Abridged Series is the cure for depression, seriously.

(on a slightly related and more general note, I'm still cracking up over the fact that asdlaklal;ads;kld Yami is shorter than Tea/Anzu even WITH HIS HAIR. It's hilarious.)

Get my paycheck tonight, which means tomorrow, if nothing messes with me, I will finally have a new tablet...argh.

Also, I discovered while making some more icons that my photoshop can handle Japanese text! Only in one font, though. :\ Still, I had the lyrics for "Why" lying around, so I had fun.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (no spoilers)
Angeal - 9
Zack - 4
Genesis - 2 EDIT +2
Genesis and Sephiroth - 4

Icons! )
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Ughhhh whyyy do I get so emotional about fictional characters.

So yeah, Crisis Core has been out for a few days, it's gotten amazing reviews, and Aki might be getting the Japanese version so we can struggle through it together...but of course I had to watch the ending when it was put up on YouTube because, well, not really any spoilers involved. Just a lot of heartfelt sobbing on my part.

It was really good, but it also made me feel a bit...cheated? Possibly because I just wrote a fic about it, only to be proved wrong. Also...uhm. In making it all pretty and meaningful and hopeful instead of OH GOD TRAGIC AHHH they kind of...lost certain elements of realism.

Therefore, I must ramble about it. Spoilers, I guess? That is, they're only spoilers if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about. )

...also, icons. Crisis Core and KH. Whee.


What kind of dream should an angel have? )

...and anyone who doesn't like Angeal can STFU. D: Genesis is a creepy bastard, but Angeal pwns.
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Ohh man. Kawaita Sakebi is stuck in my head. And if you don't know what that's from, be glad you're ignorant. XDDD Though my new icon makes it a bit obvious.

Speaking of icons--here you go, Aki. XD I will make more later when I remember more quotes.

Mm, yeah, if you can't tell, I'm home. <3

icon spam

Aug. 18th, 2007 11:31 am
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...I was bored and felt like it. Some of these are new, some are really, really old and I've been meaning to post them forever. It's not nearly close to the number of icons I've made and haven't posted, but I guess these are my favorites? I just wanted to post them.

And I haven't posted icons on a comm for a longggg time (not organized enough) so OMG THEY ARE EXCLUSIVE TO MY FLIST ONEE!!! >.>

Comments are appreciated, credit is also, but I won't hunt you down, just don't go around claiming "I slaved for 5 hours on this" because that's just stupid. It's a 100x100 arrangement of pixels. >.>

Total: [36]
Kingdom Hearts 1,2, manga [14]
Final Fantasy VII(Crisis Core) [9]
Final Fantasy X [4]
Misc (Tales of Symphonia, Busou Renkin, The Wonderful Adventures of Hunter-Nin-Sensei, other) [9]


Clicky clicky? )

Ummm stuff.

Jul. 9th, 2007 06:35 pm
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I can't seem to formulate a decent LJ entry, but I can make graphics, apparently.

I am now a mod for [ profile] khdoujin. Respect mah authoritay.

Hanae: Pick one?

Moar? )

EDIT: OHRIGHT. Credit to [ profile] merlin_emrys for the screenshots. <3

More icons.

Jul. 3rd, 2007 07:39 pm
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Just three by request. The first two for [ profile] spanish_silver and the third for [ profile] akisolj.

Grab, credit, comment, whatever.

And at [ profile] delovely_masha's request, joke from [ profile] spanish_silver:

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Been meaning to do this. Finally did some scanning of my FF7/8 doujin that I bought at the con, and made iconssss. The scans of pages and stuff are too big for my internet connection to handle, wtf, so they'll have to wait. We're getting fiber-optic installed tomorrow, though.

Feel free to grab/modify without crediting, I don't really care.

AC Red

Octolovers vol. 1 (there are 8 of them lol irony)

Future 7 (I love how this is a Cloud/Aerith doujin and I made it look like Tifa/Aerith, lololol. yuri ftw.)

Jyuujitou (...Squall was SO OOC THAT I HAD TO. Ask me for the original image if you want to make a better version.)

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Um, for Valentine's day I bring you....emo Roxas icons. Because the newest chapter of the Kingdom Hearts II manga was just so goddamn depressing. Awww.

Feel free to use them, whatever. Credit would be nice, but I won't hunt you down if you don't...

(not bothering with a cut since there are only 5)

And OMG a happy!

Credit to [ profile] maiki for the scans, of course.

Edit: For those who can't read it, the Japanese says "mou modorenai", which is one of Roxas' lines. It means "we can't go back."



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