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EDITAnother reason it's painful for me not to be able to get to Sasuga today. If someone bought me that, I would die from gratitude. Well, more like pay them for it and draw them lots of pictures. Goddammit, why don't I have a credit card!!! IT COMES WITH A DECK OF PLAYING CARDS! AAHHHH!

Sick. Ew.

Otherwise, I have resdiscovered good fanfiction. And am writing another FMA doujinshi, which I'm already 10 pages into. I think each page's dialogue is in a different language. Ed swears in German. Someone shoot me.

Now READ THESE because they're actually decent. (And no, I didn't write them.)

Untitled and full of sap

"Tachiagatte dame da to itta yo, Nii-san!!"
"--Ja nai yo! Suwatte!"
"Aru...omae...nanka ichibarasu ni nattan darou?"
"Sou omou ka?"
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HOLYCRAP. *drools*

But...I can't afford it right now...I think I'm going to go cry in a corner.

My silly Academic Strategies class is working out, somewhat, even if all the kids in it annoy the hell out of me and the teacher acts like I'm a delinquent. One more French assignment to make up. And I actually understand what's going on in Physics class. yay. English is not so good, but mostly because I hate Mr. Lallas. Alas, tomorrow is Registration Day (with the capital letters and all), so NO SCARLET LETTER TEST FOR US. *evil laughter*

I am now updating my DevART site more often now that I have access to the scanners at school. And Photoshop. I forgot how theraputic it is for me to color things on the computer. They end up so clean and nice-looking. So please go check out what I've done, I worked really hard. :)

And, finally, all my music is on my iPod for once, we're set for anime club this year (we have a laptop to watch FMA on now!) and I hope to actually get cracking on cosplay next weekend. Sunday fell through because apparently my mom had no idea I wanted to bring friends and completely flipped out. So I got to see Ashley for, like, an hour since I didn't call her soon enough, but no progress was made. *sigh* I still need suspenders for Heiderich and have no idea where to get them.

New layout, crappy and made in Paint, but I don't really care. I like the icons. FMA chapter 53~~ Yay~~ (well, more like "ANGST~~~", but that's okay.)

Guess what, guys. THE BOONDOCKS ISN'T ANIME. )

tori no you ni habtaketa nara
kimi no moto de tondeyuku deshou
soshite kizu o otta sono se ni
boku no hane o sashidasu deshou
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My curiosity got the better of me...I finally broke down and did some research on Bluebird's Illusion, the FMA fangame. It's some really pretty stuff, even if it has RoyxEd/Elricest implications. I joined the LJ community cuz it has summaries and I'm too lazy to copy the link. Now I have the theme song stuck in my head. >.>;;

I'm not particularly interested in actually playing it, though I would if I could, but that's doubtful considering 1. it's in Chinese and 2. it's not being distributed anymore because of copyright issues. So meh. I can read the summaries. It's basically an elaborate fanfic with pretty pictures.


As for the trip to JoAnn's fabric tomorrow, who's coming? (*is excited for our FMA movie group*)
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If I was not officially a dork already, I am now.

The only thing that annoys me is that I want to submit my transcribed lyrics to but they won't let you unless you take a Japanese aptitude test and the KANJI IS TOO DIFFICULT. Wah. I'll do my best anyway. And these still need revision; I haven't gone through my dictionary to confirm all the kanji yet.


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Still a few bumps in the road ahead, but things are getting better.

I didn't make it to Tokyo Kid in time to get the 8th FMA DVD (sorry, anime club people, it was sold out.) but instead I bought the Hagaren Song File Best Compilation, which makes me really happy. <3 It has all the image songs, which I have, but the second disc has remixes (I like the new versions of Ashita e no Basho and Boy Friends!) as well as two new songs sung by all five. LASTMEETing makes me cry, and GOOD! makes me extemely happy because it's full of awesome Engerish. XD

I also got Chrono Crusade 5 (<3) and the second FMA novel, "The Abducted Alchemst", which also makes me REALLY HAPPY. Let's just say...ED IS ROY'S ILLEGITEMATE SON. XDDDD <3

So...I'm happier than I've been in a while...still got work to do, but feeling much better about it.


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