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My interpretation of the Junon Fight. XD

Crisis Core spoilers...kinda? Not really, since most of the scene was shown in the trailers. )

In other news, the computer is now in my room aflasdksadklsldalaksdkd. IN MY ROOM. Since my brother is home and he wants the desk in his room for his own computer and it's a pain to keep switching them and there's nowhere else to put it. AND I get the pretty flatscreen monitor back because there's no room on my desk for the old bulky one <3333 So I can finally see colors properly again <3333 We have to share an internet connection with a cable trailing through the hallway until they rewire the house, and the printer/scanner has to be on his computer until then as well, but the COMPUTER IS IN MY ROOM.


EDIT: THE NEW KH GAMES. *hyperventilates* One for mobile phones, boo. I have nothing against it except that American mobile phones are crap and we never get good games because of it. (like Before Crisis) But the other two are for DS (<3) and PSP. (which I will have for Crisis Core, so it's all good.) Also, I have become a bigger Terra fangirl than ever before. (Large image. But look at him there in the bottom right corner! So pretty!) Possibly because he looks like a Zack clone? XD People are speculating that he IS Zack, but I doubt it, just like I doubt that the Roxas-look-alike is Roxas, since he gets the DS game. And it takes place in the past, so it's probably Sora's ancestor or something, lol. Also, More King Mickey for the win. <333
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(Asch - Here's the link for the lyrics to "Why". Scroll down. Kana, romaji and English. :D)

So. Let's talk about my love affair with Zack. And FFVII in general. )

Everyone seems to be getting sick lately. Ugh. Even I'm a bit sick, but I didn't get as bad as my poor sister, and it's not like I have school to miss. I get my next paycheck tomorrow, which means it's tablet time. Wheee.

Oh. Amusingly enough, I went back to my Kingdom Hearts 1 game, which I never actually finished, (I got stuck on the boss fight with that freaky bat thing from Fantasia that scared the wits out of me as a child) so that I could sketch out a map of the Hollow Bastion library for my various doujinshi. Well, I got a bit involved, and started drawing other pieces of the scenery (like the stained glass windows O.o) and after a while I found myself gaping in awe. Because, shit, I never noticed the incredible amount of detail that went into this game. I just took it for granted. But the architecture and everything, especially the castle, is freaking gorgeous. Have you ever looked up at the ceiling of the Lift Stop? It's incredible. And my brother had to make come snide comment about "crappy graphics". HAH.

Not that I'm ragging on KH II. I love both games. But even though they're a connected story, they can't be compared to one another. They're too different. I started playing my game again and got to right before the final boss fight, but I'm going to try to complete this game, too. It was such a wonderful experience to go back to it.

I mean, remember when Sora was little and cute? Remember when spells besides Cure and Thunder where actually useful? (Fire OMG) Remember when your PARTY MEMBERS were actually useful? Remember being practically invincible with 2 MP Rages? Remember the crazy impossible puzzles and the Trinity Marks? Remember the mazelike areas with NO MAPS? XD It's like I've never played this game before, except the experience wouldn't be the same if I hadn't.

*sigh* ...well, it felt good, to say the least. XD Now I want Ultima Weapon. It's item-hunting time!

Why kodoku na sora miageru no?
Why waratte misete yo
kotoba ni suru no ga heta na
anata no seikaku wakaru kara
shinjite mite
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I realized why I've been so stressed and drained lately, besides my lack of sleep.

I haven't been playing video games.

Today I sat down and got an hour or so further into FFVII...I frigging love this game....I get so into it, too. Despite the graphics. It's crazy. I don't know if it's my imagination, or what, but in order to really enjoy myself I need to immerse myself in it, to think of the characters as real people while I play. So I seriously agonize over choosing party members. XD "I don't want to leave you, Tifa...but Aerith heals better." (I seriously got upset when Tifa begged me to take her along. >.> Yeah, I'm a loser.)

I'm barely 4 hours into the first disc, too....

Need to buy Kingdom Hearts II. do...this weekend.....
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So....if in creative writing, if we're supposed to write a short story that gives a sense that there's an extensive background to the story, is it cheating to write a fanfic?

....just kidding. I don't submit fanfics for English assignments. >.> This is a follow-up to this, which I finally finished today. I think I've been getting better with digital art. Hoo-ray. Anyway, I'm just happy with the emotion. Read it for critique? I mean, technical stuff, word choice, etc. I don't expect everyone to know what's going on. -_-

....come on, it's really short! Geez.

She reached out as carefully as she could. )
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The first day of school was...interesting. Tai dressed up as Charlie Chaplan, which was pretty great. I wanted to do something interesting too, but I had to ride my bike in...

A: Monday and Thursday, Wellness with Becca and Joy. Otherwise, free. It's all good.

B: East Asian History, in which half the class are my friends. XD This is going to be fairly awesome.

C: free

D: free

E: Chem. With a bunch of sophomores...they seem nice enough but the teacher is a bit...strange. It looks like it'll be awkward for a little while. At least the workload promises to be not overwhelming.

F: Creative Writing, which Chen. Yes. I'm actually really looking forward to this, because I need to write more. <3

G: Academic Strategies, but this time with new people that don't seem to be retarded delinquents (It's harsh of me to say that, but last year it was true, goddamnit) and best of all, Annoying Homophobic Bitchy Girl isn't in my class. YES.

That's about it. Japanese starts the 18th, I think.

As for work...WTF. My new manager has issues. I liked Sean better. We're short on people so there's NO ONE that can cover for me on Saturday, meaning I'm missing Becca's birthday party. ;_; That and I can't believe Dave expects me to be able to get to work at 4pm after school. It's ridiculous. I'm going back to my ten hours a week schedule whether he likes it or not. And if he fires me, so what. Then I can go get a job at a bookstore or somewhere interesting.

Other stuff, because nobody cares....Let's talk about Final Fantasy VII )

Noli manere, manere in memoria
Noli manere, manere in memoria
Sephiroth, Sephiroth...
Saevam iram, iram et dolorem
Saevam iram, iram et dolorem
Sephiroth, Sephiroth...
Ferum terrible, ferum fatum
Noli manere, manere in memoria...
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Tomorrow is...the last day of summer. Not particularly remarkable usually, but as Emurii keeps saying, it's our last day of summer as high school students. Kinda scary. I still feel so damn young. Man.

This term I expect to be crazy. I got SAT II reg over with (I overslept in the spring and missed 'em >.>) but now I have to study, along with college applications, and visiting, and I have to keep up my grades. I'm taking less classes thanks to my IEP but Japanese is now 7:30 to 9:30, meaning....I'll be least it won't take as long to get home, because my dad's taking Italian on Tuesdays. And it might actually be EASIER to get work done, since I won't have to go straight from school, and can eat dinner beforehand. I dunno. I'm gonna miss JJ-san tho. ;_; At least [ profile] usagi_alchemist and [ profile] crimsonnataku will still be there...I think...

I just hope I'll have time to do fun work on comics, now that I have a tablet. <3 Everything is SO MUCH EASIER. I finally completed a real comic. Okay, it's a four-koma omake, but whatever.

Hmmm...other things...first of all.

[ profile] kiinu ? YOU'RE AWESOME. And you know why. XD

I hung out with [ profile] spanish_silver this weekend, and I got to show her Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII. Finally, someone who doesn't care that I listen to Disney songs in Japanese. XD She gave me a belated birthday present, which makes me very happy because it's Princess Tutu vol. 1. Nevermind that this week I've been dorkier than ever. It's so damn fun.

Got pretty far in KH and FFVII; I'm ready to go to Hollow Bastion in the former but I'm gonna wander around for items and level up first. As for the latter...I see why this is so popular NINE YEARS LATER. Yeah. Red XIII kicks serious ass.

Hopefully I'll see some people tomorrow at Emurii's!
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I've been a bit AWOL for the past two days, mostly because of work and stuff, which kind of negates the AWOL thing...but whatever...yeah. I will try to hang out with people...

In other news, I'm getting my PS2 next week! W00t! And please don't ask me why I'm buying a PS2 instead of waiting for the PS3, because I've argued with too many people about this. There are some very simple reasons.

1. The PS3 is scheduled (note: scheduled) to come out in November, whereas I have several games I want to play NOW and do not want to go to a friend's house every time I wish to do so.

2. The PS2 only costs $129 brand new at Best Buy near my house, which is now less than my weekly paycheck.

3. There are enough PS2 games that I want to play, and beat, that it will take me at least two years to finish them all (I'm a slow gamer and have limited time to play), and by that time the PS3 won't cost $600 any more.

4. Final Fantasy VII, goddammit.

Well, yes, FFVII. I've ganked it from a friend. *evil grin* I know the PS3 is supposed to be backwards compatable, but I've heard mixed reports, and some people say it's not going to go all the way back to PS...I don't know. It's just too confusing. And I want to play it as soon as possible. This is my childhood waiting for me to catch up to it! (I still can't believe it myself that I've never actually played it. It's rather sad.)

On another note, Cosplay Lab is setting up for their August Look-Alike contest, starting the 7th. It's for Kairi or Riku from KH. You know what? I'm entering. Hell yes. Meaning I have to finish this costume in two weeks. Better go order my wig.

Wish me luck!
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So, after an amazing Saturday my mom decided to ruin it...thanks. I know I'm still behind. I know I've messed up a lot in the past. It makes me feel like a drug addict who keeps going to rehab but never gets better. The thing is, I WANT to change. And I KNOW it's hard for my parents to believe me. But it only makes it worse when all they do is criticize me. If this is what I get for trying, why should I?

I'm not blaming my mom, it's just...frustrating. Because I don't want to be miserable doing work all the time, but I haven't found a way to balance my life yet. At least I'm finally taking that goddamn test this week. But my thesis is really freaking me out. HOLY CRAP FIFTEEN PAGES BY FEBRUARY. I'm only a junior, spare me.

Sorry to all the people I can't hang out with...I'll let you know when my parents are letting me do stuff. I'm grounded in everything but name.

LJ may be for angst, but I'm going to stop now, because I did have an awesome time on Saturday. JJ-san invited me to the cosplay skating on the Frog Pond in Boston and it was AMAZING. <3 I'll have the pics up sometime...but I never thought holding hands with strangers and ice skating in costume while normal people stared in confusion would be so much fun. XD

EDIT: Turks on Ice (Well, they did it with Disney) )

there's always a straight way to the point you see...


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