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I can't exactly remember what inspired this, but oh well.

A Perfect Lie

A list.

Jan. 3rd, 2007 09:06 am
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Things Iz-kun did over vacation:

--went to Emurii's Wednesday party
--watched High School Musical with her sister on New Year's
--bought herself Twilight Princess and the Conqueror of Shamballa special edition DVD for Christmas
--got a lot of shirts and a new flash drive for Christmas
--hung out with [ profile] mazdaaf and [ profile] akisolj (seperately)
--wrote a lot
--listened to Evanescence
--got sick with something like strep

Things Iz-kun didn't do over vacation:

--get drunk
--finish her college essay
--make any cosplay progress

Recent writing:

Poetry dump

Kingdom Hearts: the Day of Chaos, part II (parts 1-10)

Kingdom Hearts: the Day of Chaos, part II (parts 11-16)

(if you're interested in my writing, just friend my projects blog. I've been updating it a lot more recently.)
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Warning: be prepared for expletives ahead.

...shit. I should have seen this coming. And now I have a paper to write in history about whether or not we should have dropped the atomic bomb. I HATE this subject. I'm not saying I ignore it, but I hate it when people try to get me to draw conclusions about it. As a kid in my class said, "There was so much wrong about it, and so much right about it." It's so damn complicated that it's making me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to decide what my opinion is. Luckily, I have all of vacation to brood on it. Joy.

Also--due to my French project, I'm not going to be in Japanese class today. :/

EDIT: Iz-kun wrote a WHAT? )

EDIT 2: I have come to the conclusion that Rose of Versailles cosplayers are the most amazing people everrrr. Not only are they anime fans, but THEY MAKE ACCURATE PERIOD DRESSES. *drools*

Also, it is not fair because the Isabella is gorgeous. How am I ever going to live up to that? *_*

God of the Wars
heiwa o inoru airu Mars
keredo kyo mo sekai wa
mawaru mawaritsuzukeru...
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EDITAnother reason it's painful for me not to be able to get to Sasuga today. If someone bought me that, I would die from gratitude. Well, more like pay them for it and draw them lots of pictures. Goddammit, why don't I have a credit card!!! IT COMES WITH A DECK OF PLAYING CARDS! AAHHHH!

Sick. Ew.

Otherwise, I have resdiscovered good fanfiction. And am writing another FMA doujinshi, which I'm already 10 pages into. I think each page's dialogue is in a different language. Ed swears in German. Someone shoot me.

Now READ THESE because they're actually decent. (And no, I didn't write them.)

Untitled and full of sap

"Tachiagatte dame da to itta yo, Nii-san!!"
"--Ja nai yo! Suwatte!"
"Aru...omae...nanka ichibarasu ni nattan darou?"
"Sou omou ka?"


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