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Part of me wants to delete the previous entry because I totally made myself look like an idiot. Ah well.

I've been pretty good at saving money recently, but I caved a bit and ordered some doujinshi from myself to 3, though, since PortCon is in two months. I should just make a doujinshi wishlist, since that's all I seem to want lately. Besides a Crisis Core wallscroll of some sort, which I can't seem to find anywhere.

in which I babble about doujinshi. )
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Marker update--I took the set back to Blick, and they were, as a pleasant surprise, very understanding. They gave me store credit and I talked to one of the girls there, who was extremely helpful, about different options. She said Trias aren't quite Copics, but they're better than Prismas, and they have three different tip sizes on one marker. I ended up getting the "Shounen" set, which was just brighter colors. And a new sketchbook finally. <3 Though they went up in price...>.< I always get the Canson sketchbooks with wire binding, 9x12 + 100 pages, since I like the paper quality and I go through pages really fast. But now they're nearly $7.99 each...>.< *cry* Whyyy do I have such expensive hobbies....

I tested them out, and they're nice, I could just use a few more for a broader color range. (including a lighter skin tone) And I need at least one cool grey, since the set came with only warm greys and they look...brown. I also need to find a good inking pen, because I use Sakura Microns, and they get black smudges all over when I go over them with a light color. >.<

But ah, overall a success. I'm happy because I can get back to doing decent traditional art again. There's something nice about digital, but traditional gives you another sort of satisfaction, I guess. I'm going to consider doing lineart on the computer and printing it out and coloring it, since I kinda suck at digital coloring.

In other news, the doujinshi I bought, eeeee. <3 I felt like scanning the covers and writing up a little summary of each of them because...I felt like it.

ze breakdown. 4 FF7 + 1 FFX + 1 ToA )
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It's true that I sit around worrying about things rather than getting them done. That's the first thing that needs to go.

It's true that I'm always terrified of making mistakes, and it paralyzes me and I can never take the first step.

What I don't understand is the difference between truth and excuses anymore. Whenever I try to explain the way I work or think it's always "you always make excuses, stop making excuses." Am I not allowed to be imperfect or something?

I just...want to be allowed to figure things out for myself, I guess.

........otherwise, I'm feeling better, I guess. Unfortunately a lot of that is thanks to staying up late playing Tales of Symphonia (nostalgia <3). I got pretty far in Chain of Memories, too, but my DS is on its last legs and my charger no longer works, so I can't play any more of that or FFIII until I get a new one. And I'm thinking of waiting until after March (and Anime Boston) is over and I don't have to worry as much financially. Because I also want a PSP + Crisis Core. x.x At least I don't have to worry so much about a new iPod (my brand-new one that I got for Xmas and had for a week got lost at the airport in Miami. Ugh.) since you can put music on PSPs.

...of course, hypocritically, I just spent about $60 on doujinshi since I was feeling deprived. But jpqueen carries Holy Town, which I've been looking for for a while, and I need a good laugh. Also some Cloud/Tifa, which is surprisingly difficult to find. I had to wade through so much Sephiroth/Cloud. x.x What I really wanted was Leon/Cloud, but KH doujinshi isn't carried by most places due to stupid copyright issues. Bah Disney, whyyy. Of course, I don't understand why Riku/Sora and AkuRoku is easier to find when Leon/Squall and Cloud are FINAL FANTASY characters in the first'd think it could slip I've only seen two actual L/C (well, technically C/L) doujin in my life, both by the same circle, one of which I own. And it's not even softcore, it's just...friendly interaction. I mean, it exists and I'm grateful. But I really feel like the only person in the world who draws doujin for my OTP sometimes...x.x

...I can't seem to find the ebay seller I got Lion Silver from either. It's driving me nuts, because he had a really good overall selection, too. Took a lot of dredging through my old email account, but found him. <3

I-I GOT AURON/BRASKA/JECHT THOUGH. <3 And some just Auron/Jecht. There was a frightening amount of Auron/Tidus, but I managed to ignore it.



and I will crawl on my own
I'm taken by your smile
as I'm lying beside you dying
inside I don't know
why I try to save this
when all I ever want to do is get as far as I can go
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Sudden urge to listen to Trance to Homunculus. Weirdness.

Today was a good day. (except not to die.) I got a 98 on my history test. Who 0wnz the Great Depression now, bitch? XD (Haha, Emurii, me being I also got my book in the mail. Whoo~~ I ordered it express, apparently, so the shipping cost three times as much as the book itself...But it was so worth it. I'm incredibly happy. FMA vol. 13 is PINK. It looks dark red on the internet, but it's totally pink. (haha, fuschia) And Ed looking so sinister on the cover with his hood up makes it even better. XD And the cards are amazing. Only the face cards (J, Q, K, A) have characters on them, but they still make me happy. The Jokers are Yoki and Shinri-kun, which is amazing. <3 (they also have Engerish on them! =D) They came in a little cardboard case and everything.

I'm such a dorrrrk. I was almost as delighted by the little fold-out ads that came in the book as the cards. But one of them was for the OVA, in color, and holycrapthechibisaresocute. *squeak* I want to get the Radio DJ-Cds, though I'm not really sure what they are, mostly because the covers are adorable. (Especially the ones with Scar and Lust, and Ed and Noa.)

Did more on my doujinshi, too, and I only have to finish one French assignment, and the term is almost over! Last term I only have to worry about keeping up. :) SATs aren't until May for me...I'm feeling much better than I have in a while. I hope everyone else is doing okay to~~

Yes, this is the evil grin icon I was talking about. XD

Emurii, I will read and comment on your prose tomorrow morning, when I have more time. ^^


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