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EDIT: These people are my HEROES.

Feeling a lot more coherent than I was last night.

Basically, Emurii did a lot better job of explaining the concert than I did. XD But it was a different experiance for both of us...mostly because I was really there just to see Dir en grey. I felt kind of bad that I was so bored for the first three hours waiting for them, but I just wasn't really into any of the other bands. I prefer meaningful lyrics to overdone swearing. It's not as if I'm a total prude; I swear myself. It's not like I don't think it's okay to swear in songs, but I think it should be making a point. If you say "fuck" three times in every line, it starts not meaning anything anymore, and just sounds pathetic.

Anyway, Diru was pretty damn amazing. I always forget how....wrenching Kyo's voice is. Is there another way to describe it? I already said amazing. Awesome. That's repetitive. But yeah. I admire him so much. So the handshake thing wasn't a fangirly "OMG DO ME" kind of thing (ew), but more of a "Holy shit I am in awe of this person because he's an inspiration to me and I got to TOUCH HIM." That's basically it. *_*

Afterward Emurii chilled at my house for a bit waiting for her mom to come home, and we watched some of Nausicaa (the Miyazaki movie) and got some pretty hilarious quotes out of it.

Today youth group started up again, which I wasn't terribly enthusiastic about but at least now I have an excuse to see [ profile] kiinu weekly. And we got to go mini-golfing, so that was all right. The ice cream was good. Church-wise, my mom still makes me go, but I got out of being an acolyte by joining the choir again. Now I can exercise my singing voice, and Akasaka-sensei makes me very happy. I told her about the concert in Japanese this morning. I was very proud of myself. <3

Beh, it sucks that [ profile] kiinu and I live so far away (okay, four miles, but whatever) because we've been doing so many awesome things together lately. Thanks to conversations with her I've been drawing a lot more and got my cosplay urge back. <3

I was frustrated with my Riku jacket and gave up for a while, but now I'm gonna start working again. I organized all my fabric and patterns today, which is REALLY helpful. I got rid of my olllld pattern that I used way back when for my Misao costume, because it really sucked. (it was inaccurate and fit badly) Now I have seperate kimono and pants patterns from other costumes, so I don't need it anymore. That felt...refreshing, somehow. I finished the Sora shirt and am gonna start working on everyone's gloves. My Cloud gloves are gonna be a bitch. >.>

Cosplay status )

and I don't care what race or what color or what creed
all that shit don't bother me
only one thing that you should not forget
you gotta treat yo mama with respect

(....this song. You know what I think of when I listen to it. And it's not MY mother. XD)
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Okay. I went to the Diru concert today with Emurii and Zej.

And and. It was amazing.



I said, "Otsukaresama deshita."


I shook. His. Hand.




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