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Edit: Final Fantasy 7/Kingdom Hearts iconpost here. (Wow, it's been a while since I've made a bunch of icons. x.x)

Yeah, so, I was remembering how a friend and self-styled rival of mine in middle school (some of you might know him...) used to call me "Istanbul", because, you know, all long names starting with "I" sound the same. And I was like, "oh, haha, that song, I remember it, it's so silly."

And since I have no life, I made this:

...aaand here's a bonus from that gif I made a while ago. other CC news, started my new game +, which is pathetically easy since I'm...level 41...but I've been spamming missions since I'm no longer desperate to learn the whole plot, and I got to a Normal level one, but there are enemies that cast Death, and it's fricking annoying. Is there an accessory that wards against Death? Does MBarrier work? salsadlsdalkasdkl;a I don't want to waste my Phoenix Downs fighting trash, because I'm going to try to fight Minerva this time around...
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So, about not beating it tonight. (this morning?) I lied.

Tried to sleep, but it wasn't happening, so...maybe once I get it out of my system. Let's see how coherent I am.

Legend will speak of sacrifice at world's end. )

I waited for you today, but you didn't show
no, no, no
I needed you today, so where did you go?
you told me to call, said you'd be there
and though I haven't seen you
are you still there?

I cried out with no reply
and I can't feel you by my side
so I'll hold tight to what I know
you're here and I'm never alone

and though I cannot see you
and I can't explain why
such a deep, deep reassurance
you've placed in my life

we cannot separate, cause you're part of me
and though you're invisible
I'll trust the unseen

I cried out with no reply
and I can't feel you by my side
so I'll hold tight to what I know
you're here and I'm never alone
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Considering I've been waiting for this game for over a year, I'm gonna rant about it until I beat it. And probably long after that. XD

Spoilers, Modeoheim through Nibel Plains. ) other news, getting my wisdom teeth out in a week. Joy. >.
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Hmm, I seem to have this trend of staying up till really early in the morning playing a game until I get my first game over. It's a bit bad for my sleep schedule. XD

My mom predictably chewed me out for buying a PSP, even though she wouldn't have said anything if I had gotten a new iPod. *sigh* She just hates video games, no matter how much I try to reason with her.

That said, I am enjoying myself immensely. Though--why the hell are the piano black PSPs made out of such shiny plastic!? You can see every fingerprint on them as clear as day! No wonder Aki is so protective/Max always played his with gloves on.

A bit of fangirling and a review of the English version on the game so far. Possible spoilers. )
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I've got Crisis Coreeeee.

It's shiny.

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My interpretation of the Junon Fight. XD

Crisis Core spoilers...kinda? Not really, since most of the scene was shown in the trailers. )

In other news, the computer is now in my room aflasdksadklsldalaksdkd. IN MY ROOM. Since my brother is home and he wants the desk in his room for his own computer and it's a pain to keep switching them and there's nowhere else to put it. AND I get the pretty flatscreen monitor back because there's no room on my desk for the old bulky one <3333 So I can finally see colors properly again <3333 We have to share an internet connection with a cable trailing through the hallway until they rewire the house, and the printer/scanner has to be on his computer until then as well, but the COMPUTER IS IN MY ROOM.


EDIT: THE NEW KH GAMES. *hyperventilates* One for mobile phones, boo. I have nothing against it except that American mobile phones are crap and we never get good games because of it. (like Before Crisis) But the other two are for DS (<3) and PSP. (which I will have for Crisis Core, so it's all good.) Also, I have become a bigger Terra fangirl than ever before. (Large image. But look at him there in the bottom right corner! So pretty!) Possibly because he looks like a Zack clone? XD People are speculating that he IS Zack, but I doubt it, just like I doubt that the Roxas-look-alike is Roxas, since he gets the DS game. And it takes place in the past, so it's probably Sora's ancestor or something, lol. Also, More King Mickey for the win. <333


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