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Got my wig today, tho I need to figure out how to make it stay without slipping back. x.x (ponytail is too heavy)

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, 'hey, I look like I'm from the eighties.' Then I realized... )
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Part of me wants an excuse for another really emo entry, but that's just stupid.

I really hate being suspended in-between things. Something needs to start, happen...I don't know. I'm ready to go somewhere. Do something. If I get into school it doesn't start until September. If I don't...another year of working (though hopefully at a better job) more rent to pay, staying at home unless Masha gets that apartment (at least I'll be able to afford it?) and taking classes here and there, probably applying early decision for next year. At least there's an end in sight? I'm just finally ready but nothing else is, and it's frustrating.

My math course starts fun. >.>

Really want to be doing more creative things, but it's hard to do photoshop work when I know I'm not going to have much time...I can't wait until I've got a regular schedule again. At least I've been writing more--paragraph RP is helping the prose along again. XD I should get back to my originals, as well as the one I'm writing with [ profile] akisolj.

I am...really excited for PortCon, though. I have all my cosplay materials for both costumes except the sweater for Zack, plus a wig if the one I have doesn't work out, and I started on Elfe the other day...the only problem is if I can't find that sweater, because it's spring now and I should have thought of it before. >.> Maybe a thrift store or, worse comes to worst I can just wear a plain black turtleneck for now.

Romantically, I'm....I really don't know. I think I need to talk to someone, because I have no idea what I'm doing or what to do. I guess that's what I get for waiting, or...something. I love being happy for other people, and I'm grateful for my really close friends, isn't the same, I guess. Again, I...hate being in the middle of things, neither here nor there. That's what it comes down to. >.
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So, last night I had the first dream that I remembered in a while, which involved me cosplaying as Jag Fel and participating in what I guess was some strange Star Wars/Tales of the Abyss/Kingdom Hearts crossover movie. Except, you know, I'm blonde. Hah.

And since I haven't read anything Star Wars related in at least three years, and don't even remember the guy's personality, I blame this on people's awesome cosplay photos.

*sigh* Most likely my brain is trying to make up for missing the Boston Cosplay Picnic on Saturday. I wish someone had TOLD me because I totally would have gone...

*is itching to work on her PortCon costumes/just go out in public wearing Riku for the hell of it*

...also wish I knew someone nearby who likes taking photos, because I have so few photos of my costumes, and I have no clue if my camera has a timer or not x.x It also just sucks at taking good-quality pictures in general. I want to see if I look any better in proffessional photos or if I'm just horribly unphotogenic.
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sokasdlk;dsal;kasd I could say a lot of stupid, corny things right now, but I'll try not to. XD

Ummm suffice to say that life is good. I need to stop being lazy though.

This post is mostly for links.

AB '08 pics of meh (taken by other people)

AcerbusLuna on DA:
Me as Xmas Town Cloud
Me, Sora and Kairi

[ profile] rue_sama13:
Tales group
Me and Jade (Harley)
Another group shot, with me safely on the other side of Jade from Tear ( [ profile] axellent )
from overhead. I love this shot :)
Same shot, with our eyes open.

People decide to pick on me. >.> Tales group randomness.
Video montage of the con~
Sora and I with a Natalia
Same shot, different photographer. Me looking less stupid. XD

AC Paradise:
Me as Guy~ (a bit unflattering tho XD)
Me, Sora and Aki

(as a side note, ACP was always a female cosplayer only site, but it looks like they just opened a section called ACE for the guys. Yay~ represent! It's always good to see more guys making the effort to cosplay.)

Hmm, that's all I can think of for now...

cause it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea
but I'd rather be here than on land
yes she's all that I see, and she's all that I need
and I'm out of my league once again
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Con report~

Thursday thru Sunday )

All pictures:
Misc Photos
Tales of the Abyss Photoshoot


Mar. 19th, 2008 06:52 pm
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I bleached it and dyed it ash blonde like I always do. YET IT IS ORANGE. ICHIGO-FROM-BLEACH ORANGE.

slsdaladskalskladlkalkasdkl;alk;dasl; hate my red highlights sometimes. x.x

salasdkaksl;a;dsl can't deal with this must get back to sewing.

I think I'm a masochist. Why else would I do this to myself, really?
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Also, WORD.
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As much as people have to say about High School Musical being childish, cliche, whatever, this song just about sums me up better than anything right now. So there. Thumbs up, Zac Efron.

Speaking of which, I really need a haircut. >.> I'll be bleaching my hair in another week or two; can't wait. <3

I just talked to Sora and Cloe on the phone till like...4 in the morning yesterday. Special. XD

Cosplay updates )

I'm not gonna stop, not gonna stop till I get my shot
that's who I am, that is my plan
will I end up on top again?
--bet on it, bet on it, you can bet on it, bet on me
I wanna make it right, that is the way
to turn my life around, today is the day
am I the type of guy who means what I say?
bet on it, bet on it, you can bet on me
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I need....a paid account. More iconsssss. Gah.

I still have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I mean, I took a year off from school to figure it out and I STILL don't know what I really want to's frustrating.

At least I have short term plans at this point, one of which is getting a new + better job as soon as AB is over.

Speaking of which--I finally got my cosplay inspiration back~ Fabric shopping with Cloe and Sora helped. I still need the jacket fabric for Guy, but otherwise I'm set. I'm also making...a Christmas Town version of Cloud XDD;;; thanks to Sora. It's actually useful instead of being a burden, because it gave me my urge to sew back and the pattern is easy. The only thing is, I am never EVER making anything with velvet again. It curls at the edges, and lining one slippery fabric with another is quite possibly the most obnoxious thing to work with ever. x.x

...I might have to just go as Xmas Cloud and not regular Cloud because I can't find a goddamn sweater with a zipper all the way down the front. Urghhhhhhhhhhhh. Everything else is done though--I finally got buckles for the skirt/apron thing. And god I love my pants. <3 (need to stitch one of the belt loops back on though.) And I found thin vinyl for gloves, so I can use the other, thicker vinyl I got for my SOLDIER belts. (Doing Zack for PortCon this summer. <3 )

Must go buy wig before I forget again. Also get kicking on Joe's Kuja outfit.

[ profile] spanish_silver--don't forget to bring your Aerith dress next time you're home so I can fix it~ !

My doujinshi order came in the mail. <3 I'm happy, but it reminds me how I have to brush up on my Japanese..

how I feel like I'm starless, I'm ready to fade now
and how I feel like I'm starless, I'm hopeless and grayed out
somehow I feel like I'm starless, I'm ready to fade now
and now I feel like I'm starless, I'm ready to burn out
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EDIT: FUCKING HELL this is the SECOND tablet stylus I've lost because the cleaning people have touched my stuff! I don't need this. I really don't. It better be somewhere in this room or I'm going to kill something. EDIT 2: Why do people think it's a pen, it's obviously not a pen, it doesn't WRITE. Ugh. Found it tho.

Bakuretsucon pics here. <3

Con was amazing. I met a lot of new awesome people and really enjoyed myself. :) It was also the best responses I've gotten for my costumes, so the positive feedback was very encouraging. Being Riku is always fun for the recognition and the hugs, but Pyjama!Terra was amazing simply because everyone thought it was HILARIOUS. I never expected people to get such a kick out of it. XD Sadly I got no decent pictures of made me look kinda overweight anyway (several layers of fleece will do that) but damn, was it comfy. And my hair was perfect. :D But since I cut it for that, unspiked it looks like a have a bad mullet. XD Ah well, I needed incentive to get a new haircut anyway. It'll be nice to get it really short for my Outward Bound course in January so I don't have to bother with hair clips or anything on the go.

I'm still weirded out by looking in the mirror and seeing myself not blonde. Buh. I'm kind of anxious to dye it back, but I'm going to wait until right before AB (in March) so it'll be right for Guy.

Cosplay plans )

Other...things....I'm finding it rather hard to color. I love doing lineart, but I lose steam once I start coloring it...this is kind of bad for my portfolio. x.x At least I'm working on more originals.

--note to self: Start writing again, dammit.

Ah....thank god for friends, now I don't have to rant as much here about how much my mom is pissing me off. Thing is, I want to be able to just shrug it off and move on, because I know things will be better once I move out. It's just a matter of time. Doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

Wanted about Heroes and House but I can't remember what I was going to say. Can you tell I'm tired? I'm not sure how much sleep I'm functioning on. I went to bed at maybe 4am last night, which was probably a bad idea, but I was watching House with my brother. And it was good. And my mom decided to wake me up at 7am to yell at me for "leaving the lights and the TV on all night". Uh-huh. My brother TOLD me to go to bed and stayed up later than I did, yet apparently I'M the one that left the lights on. But for some reason she refuses to believe me. And I'm getting charged extra rent this month for that, and leaving a dirty dish on the table because I was tired and absentminded. And I didn't put the rabbit away because I got home from work at MIDNIGHT and no one was awake to tell me she was out. I was supposed to think of that on my own? I don't need this. I'm human, I make mistakes. I've been making efforts lately to get my chores done, to talk to my parents about things to encourage communication, because we haven't been talking, and they accused me of being selfish. But every conversation I have with my mom ends up in an argument.

It's like a cycle. I go away or do something fun and then when I get back my mom seems to be trying to make my life a living hell as if to make up for it. There's no REASON for it. If she were a little more laid-back we'd ALL be less stressed. But she has to have everything done RIGHT AWAY and JUST THE WAY SHE WANTS IT or else hell's to pay.

I'm trying to do what I love to get into college, and it's time-consuming and stressful. I'm not a useless, pathetic wreck mooching off my parents because I don't have enough of a spine to go out into the wide world and fend for myself. Yet all the feedback I get seems to be telling me that I am. If I had less self esteem I probably would have killed myself by now.

...and of course I ended up ranting anyway.

It's no wonder that I bury myself in fantasy...mostly, I really don't like real life. It's not interesting. And stressful.

Doesn't help that I had a dream last night that she called me and said everything had turned out all right. And I got to hear her voice. Not that I'll probably ever know what it sounds like. I think I was crying when I woke up.

ai wa kaeteyuku
anna ni mo utsukushii hitomi o
wagamama o iu dake no osanago no shisen ni
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...I don't even know what I'm upset about. I'm probably just tired. Our Verizon connection is out so we have no land line phone or internet connection. They should be coming to fix it tomorrow. (at the library again)

I had a good time yesterday. I'm amused because everyone's talking about the Red Sox, and I'm like "...cosplay?" I didn't even find out until this morning because I slept over Aki's house and we heard nothing. XD

But yes, Aki, Sora, and I met Shika in Harvard Square and we hung around with everyone on the commons for a while before going to get lunch...good times. Though I was a bit dazed for some reason. I was more focused on being with friends than the whole cosplay thing, somehow...not that it was bad. But I only ran into maybe three people I knew. (Lulu, Meghan? and her sister...etc. ) it was interesting. Because Sora knows EVERYONE, I swear. XD

I wore Riku. I was disappointed that I couldn't fix Cynthia in time, but it was fun anyway. (and I've never entered that costume in a contest before, so) Got lots of hug requests, but at least no one tackled me. A Demyx took one look at me, pointed and cried "YOU." When I inquired "Me?" she ran off yelling "RUN AWAYYY!" I didn't really know what to do. XD I'm not terribly good at being in-character anyway, and it's not like Riku interacts with the Org. much. But then she came back with goldfish. (the snacks.) And a water bottle. And proceeded to declare that she was now ready to take me on. Whereupon she tossed the water bottle at my feet yelling "Dance, water, dance!" It was rather ineffective until a Zack came along, picked it up and began to dance with it.

....I love cosplayers, by the way.

I had some good conversations with some people...can't remember everything was just fun to fit in somewhere again? Though the guy dressed as ...Koenma..? from YYH was...well, he was nice, but he kept hitting on me. Was it just me or did he go after some other girls too? >.> I didn't remember enough about the show to tell if he was just trying to be in-character or what. But like...when he said something about being surrounded by beautiful ladies, I was like "...yeah, beautiful ladies dressed as men. Actually, I think I'm only beautiful when I'm dressed as a man." And he was all "No, I can tell you're quite beautiful usually" and I was like "...ahahaha" but inside I was like "WOW THIS IS AWKWARD I REALLY WANT HIM TO STOP."

.....eheh. Anyway.

The Zack amused me, even if his costume wasn't great, his personality made up for a lot of it.

Pictures...sometime. Hopefully when my connection gets fixed. And hopefully Cynthia will be fixed in time for Halloween. I'm tempted to ditch the lining altogether until I have more time. Because that's really the only problem. (and I was so frustrated when I was shortening the jacket that I cut it a bit TOO short. -_- Hopefully it won't look too bad.) But dammit, I want to wear my awesome boots that I hardly ever wear.

And my thoughts on Karas: the Revelation. Probably some spoilers. ) I have to go home and mow the lawn. *grumblegrumble*

I'd walk to you if I had no other way
our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because
we know that none of them have felt this way
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So. Why is it that no matter how much work I do on a costume ahead of time, I always end up staying up really late the night before an event because something goes wrong?

Fuck you, Murphy's Law.

Arghhh I could just wear Riku tomorrow but I want to wear Cynthia. But the lining is ALL WRONG and won't fall right arghhhhasdasdkflasdk;lasdkl *trails off into incoherant babbling*

I'm such a masochist.

(at least [ profile] usagi_alchemist's Al jacket came out fine. Thank God.)
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.... amused.

So, my brother was watching me play Kingdom Hearts II (my Proud Mode game, I'm about to fight Luxord) and, well. He's started the game, but he got frustrated with the whole Roxas thing, and he decided he'd play the first game so he'd know what the hell was going on. Despite the fact that the Disney stuff makes him cringe. (He's 21. XD ) Can't say I'm not happy. Even if he keeps talking about how the creators were on acid and how gay Sora and Riku are. (it mostly amuses the hell out of me. Obviously the fangirls didn't pull it out of nowhere.) So I stayed up till nearly 5 am to help with with the puzzles...and now I regret it...-_- I think I'll go take a nap once I'm done checking messages...but it's nice to bond with my brother, considering we were always at each other's throats when we were younger. (Read: He went out of his way to pick on me and I didn't like it.) I guess he's grown up a bit. Emotionally, at least.

Urgh. I was expecting to get the extra money from working on Monday but I don't get it until next week, because the period ended before that. Which means I don't have any extra money to get my tablet with, and once I buy that and pay rent for this month, I'll be flat broke till my next check. But I don't want to wait a whole nother damn week for this. Ughhhh.

At least I'll be hanging with Becca and Emurii this weekend...something to look forward to. And I got an extra hour online. (I think) So now my internet time is from 9 am to 12 pm and 3pm to 5 pm. So I will actually be on when people are home from school, thank god. Gah. My parents drive me crazy.

...and sometime very soon I have to go to JoAnn's, because I need the materials for my Halloween costume AND I promised my sister I'd help her with hers...>.< And I have to finish Joe's Kuja costume soon because he's been doing such an amazing job with my 1st Tsurugi...(god I can't wait to see that thing when it's finished.) Then I have to get my ass in gear and finish Cloud, and start Guy...and finish Asch's Sora that I've been promising her AND help her with...Asch, haha. And Sophie's movie!Al, which I have also been promising her for forever, but that'll take me maybe 5 hours tops. (2.5 for the jacket and 2.5 for the shirt. It's nice and simple)

.....then, maybe, I can look into finishing Martel (ohhh I screwed up bigtime with that one, but I hope so badly it's salvageable, because I worked so hard on it) and consider making my suuuperrr seeecret costume for Anime Expo 2008. (yes we are going. It'll be amazing. <3 )

...I hate myself sometimes. I really do.

Alex wants me to come to the BAGLY Halloween dance, but...I don't know. I'd rather not be in the middle of a bunch of people grinding. The costumes do not make it any better, just as the dresses didn't make it any better at prom. Don't people dance in a normal way anymore? (I sound so old and crochety.) Also, I really don't want people hitting on me. I don't like it. Maybe I'm flattering myself, but ehh. I find it creepy, no matter who it is. .......except for one person, of course. Which is exactly why. that I think about it, whether she was joking around or not, I never had a problem with Leonie hitting on me. God, why did it take me so long to figure things out?

moshi mo sekai ga kawaru no nara
nani mo shiranai koro no watashi ni
tsurete itte omoide ga iro asenai you ni
tsurete itte setsunasa ga oitsukanai you ni
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I realized I never posted pictures from prom. Well, I didn't take any, so I had to wait for my grandmother to develop/send me hers...and then scan them, but of course my scanner hates photos and they end up with little white specks all over them. :\ Well. I tried to touch it up, so here's the best one:

Clicky ) grandma thinks I should marry Alex. Awkwardddd. >> He's childhood friend. And we're both fairly committed to other people. Besides, I could never date him. It's just the way it is. But yeah.

Better shot of my dress, though not touched up, here.

I made the sash for it afterward, but I haven't gotten the chance to take cosplay-style photos of it yet, since I don't have anyone else to take the pics for me...Also my hair is starting to grow out, so it needs to be fixed. And straightened. (why did it develop a wave only after I cut it!? -_-) I could get a wig for this costume, technically, and then I could have the braids, but I'm not sure if it's worth it, yet...I still have to install a zipper in the dress instead of those crappy snaps that kept popping open.

Other cosplay news:

We're working on a skit next year, and hopefully it won't fall through. I'll be finishing AC Cloud and starting on Guy soon enough, and then I have to help Masha make her arm guards and boots for Tifa (I cut up and fixed a white t-shirt for her, and she has the skirt) and finish Joe's Kuja. Which will :3 Pfft. If only there were better references. -_- It's practically IMPOSSIBLE to find references for Kuja.

(I can't believe he's actually going to wear it, too. >.>)

EDIT: This should technically go on my quote blog but; BEST FORTUNE EVER.

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Cloud Strife
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children/Kingdom Hearts II

Event: Anime Boston 2007
Status: 60% done

The earring?
The pink ribbon. (haha)
Boots (using the ones I have, need to take a black fabric marker to a few spots, but otherwise...)

In progress:
Shirt—50% (need to dye it black, fix the collar and attach the zipper)
Pants—99% (2 belt loops left)
Gloves & Armband—20%
Belts—30% (bought, need to make buckles)
Cloth & apron thing—85% (fabric bought, apron done, make buckles)
Sword holder—5%
Armor—10% (>.>; materials bought)
Swords—10% (materials bought, need to draft them for Alex.)


--bleach and cut my hair (will being doing so in a week or two)

Crappy shot of what the pants and apron thing looked like last week
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So my brother was home from school for break, an unfortunately he is addicted to W.o.Warcrack, so I didn't get much computer access for the past few days. I'm currently working on my 3,000 hits thank-you pic for my DeviantArt page, so I guess I'll link it or whatever when it's done...I've never done anything like it before, so I hope it turns out all right.

Thanksgiving was okay. We went out for Japanese, which is decidedly better than turkey. <3 And I had soba~ Friday was annoying, though, because my mom decided it would be a good time to take a family trip into Boston and do who knows what. She wanted to walk the Freedom Trail, but my sister, my brother and I were rather unenthusiastic...we ran off to Borders for an hour or so when the opportunity arose. I'm all for family trips, but nobody was really in the mood...ah, well.

I realized something about my college applications: I've gotten my priorities mixed up. I was so intimidated by the process that I became unable to differentiate between what I wanted and what my parents wanted. I'm currently setting that straight. Hope things work out.

KH II status: Stuck on the second Demyx fight, arghhh. I need to level up...

[ profile] akisolj and [ profile] spanish_silver came over yesterday, and we attempted to work on Beeca's Aerith dress, though I dunno how successful it was...but it was nice to see them. I still have a bunch of people I need to catch up with...hang out...maybe next weekend...

Cosplay Status )

hoshi yori kagayaku yume ga aru dakara
kowaresou na ima de mo
ore wa kimi no kiseki ni naru
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Back from NY, catching up on people's posts. Why does everything happen while I'm away? Oh, and how many variations on the "tired" mood have I had this year? >.<

[ profile] spanish_silver burned me music too, more Disney and some good old emo stuff. Finally got my Evanescence fix. I should go out and buy their new album...

Working on revising my story. Yes, revising. I want to make it better.


I think it might have something to do with the strange mentality I get right before holidays...even holidays like Halloween...I end up not wanting to do anything. By that, I mean anything. Even things I usually enjoy, like drawing. All I want to do is sleep and listen to music. Which is really messed up. Because I need to finish my costume in a day. Shouldn't be so bad if I start when I get home. But I need to make sure I do my homework too. -_- I can't fall behind this term, I need to make it.


Kingdom Hearts II

Event: Halloween 2006/Anime Boston 2007, any NE cosplay events in the near future

Status: 90% done


In progress:
Shirt—75% (cut out lining, attach zipper [I'm cheating; it's not double-sided, but I'm making it look like it is])
Jacket—90% (need to finish one arm hole, attach the buttons and do the “decorative” stitching)
Shoes—60% (have them, and the laces, need to attack them with fabric markers. >.>) [...I also left them at my cousins' house over the weekend. Dunno if I'll get them back in time.]
Wig—0% (need to order and style) [not bothering for Halloween. I wouldn't want to wear it all day at school anyway.]


Argh. There's so much more I want to say right now, and I don't even know how to say it. I need more sleep.

I'm missing someone, and I can't explain it.

If you want to live, let live
if you want to go, let go
I'm not afraid to dream
to sleep, sleep forever
I don't need to touch the sky
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[don’t let go. I’ll hold you up.]
[don’t let go. I can’t hold on.]
[don’t let go. I’m here.]
[and until there’s a place for me in your heart, I’ll be by your side.]
[even now, I love you.]
[even now, I have a promise. I’ll stay.]
[even now, I look for you.]
[even now, I’ll find you]
[even through the darkness, I reach.]
we won’t let go, even now.

So how did such a spontaneous crack roleplay become so emo amazing heart-wrenching? We have to make like Square Enix and come up with crazy explanations for everything. We’ve got a bunch of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy characters thrown together, dead people alive again, a baby chocobo, and somehow this is my life right now.

School is blah. Nothing remarkable. My college search is lots of fun, though. *rolls eyes* I love how I have ABSOLUTELY NO TIME despite the fact that I’m taking a year off. That makes lots of sense. I visited Wheaton College in Norton yesterday; it’s a nice little liberal arts school, and I like it. If only it were bigger… (less students than North, wtf.) Anyway, I need to see a few more schools to grasp my options. And I still have no idea what I’m gonna write for my essay. Like I said, fun.

Cosplay is back on track; I was stuck on my Riku jacket for a while, but I finally sat my ass down and fixed it. It’s almost done, and the hard part’s over now. All that’s left is finding the goddamn zipper, and I’ll have all the pieces. My Cloud costume is coming together too, which is good, because it means I’ll have plenty of time to do stuff for other people.

Cosplay Status )

nagaku, tsuzuku, kono michi no mukou ni
shinjirameru mono ga kitto aru
kaze no naka no tabebito no you ni
kita no sora o mezashite yukeba
kitetaketa atsui omoi mou ichido
mune no naka ni kagayakiyureru
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Ihateschool. Anyway.

This weekend was fairly awesome; Saturday I went to JoAnn's with [ profile] kiinu and [ profile] spanish_silver to pick up fabric. <3 Got the black stuff and the belts for Aki's Sora costume and the fabric for Becca's Aerith dress. ^^ I wanted to get my prom dress material but my mom said I needed a pattern first, and I didn't have time to look for one. (Yeah, I'm making my prom dress. What it is is kind of an awkward story. XD Yeah, it's cosplay, yeah, I'm getting away with it because my parents don't know. <3 Yeah...I want to keep it a surprise because people who don't know right now will think I'm crazy if I tell them. But...It involves a tiara. >.>)

Also FINALLY got the fabric for my Cloud costume...damn you and your five different kinds of black! I'm buying the shirt but making the pants, and the cloth-thing on his leg is a different fabric from his pants...>.> Got the belts, too, but I still need buckles. Anyway, I got nice heavy fabric since the pants are cargoes. The fabric for the cloth I found in the clearance's the right texture and everything,'s got watermelon embroidery on the bottom. XDD I'm cutting it off, but I keep getting teased about it...people insist I should leave the watermelons on the inside as a joke. We'll see. XD

Stupid...gloves. I'm teaching myself how to make gloves from scratch, which is actually not as bad as I thought it would be, Cloud gloves really are going to be a pain. They're supposed to be vinyl, but I think the stuff I have is too stiff. Too much small detail. Argh. My poor sewing machine; I forsee many broken needles.

On the bright side, I might have a Leon next year! <3

Sunday we went to see my brother and went on a hike, which was fairly uneventful. I want to go back to sleeeeep. -_-
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EDIT: These people are my HEROES.

Feeling a lot more coherent than I was last night.

Basically, Emurii did a lot better job of explaining the concert than I did. XD But it was a different experiance for both of us...mostly because I was really there just to see Dir en grey. I felt kind of bad that I was so bored for the first three hours waiting for them, but I just wasn't really into any of the other bands. I prefer meaningful lyrics to overdone swearing. It's not as if I'm a total prude; I swear myself. It's not like I don't think it's okay to swear in songs, but I think it should be making a point. If you say "fuck" three times in every line, it starts not meaning anything anymore, and just sounds pathetic.

Anyway, Diru was pretty damn amazing. I always forget how....wrenching Kyo's voice is. Is there another way to describe it? I already said amazing. Awesome. That's repetitive. But yeah. I admire him so much. So the handshake thing wasn't a fangirly "OMG DO ME" kind of thing (ew), but more of a "Holy shit I am in awe of this person because he's an inspiration to me and I got to TOUCH HIM." That's basically it. *_*

Afterward Emurii chilled at my house for a bit waiting for her mom to come home, and we watched some of Nausicaa (the Miyazaki movie) and got some pretty hilarious quotes out of it.

Today youth group started up again, which I wasn't terribly enthusiastic about but at least now I have an excuse to see [ profile] kiinu weekly. And we got to go mini-golfing, so that was all right. The ice cream was good. Church-wise, my mom still makes me go, but I got out of being an acolyte by joining the choir again. Now I can exercise my singing voice, and Akasaka-sensei makes me very happy. I told her about the concert in Japanese this morning. I was very proud of myself. <3

Beh, it sucks that [ profile] kiinu and I live so far away (okay, four miles, but whatever) because we've been doing so many awesome things together lately. Thanks to conversations with her I've been drawing a lot more and got my cosplay urge back. <3

I was frustrated with my Riku jacket and gave up for a while, but now I'm gonna start working again. I organized all my fabric and patterns today, which is REALLY helpful. I got rid of my olllld pattern that I used way back when for my Misao costume, because it really sucked. (it was inaccurate and fit badly) Now I have seperate kimono and pants patterns from other costumes, so I don't need it anymore. That felt...refreshing, somehow. I finished the Sora shirt and am gonna start working on everyone's gloves. My Cloud gloves are gonna be a bitch. >.>

Cosplay status )

and I don't care what race or what color or what creed
all that shit don't bother me
only one thing that you should not forget
you gotta treat yo mama with respect

(....this song. You know what I think of when I listen to it. And it's not MY mother. XD)


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