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Sudden urge to listen to Trance to Homunculus. Weirdness.

Today was a good day. (except not to die.) I got a 98 on my history test. Who 0wnz the Great Depression now, bitch? XD (Haha, Emurii, me being I also got my book in the mail. Whoo~~ I ordered it express, apparently, so the shipping cost three times as much as the book itself...But it was so worth it. I'm incredibly happy. FMA vol. 13 is PINK. It looks dark red on the internet, but it's totally pink. (haha, fuschia) And Ed looking so sinister on the cover with his hood up makes it even better. XD And the cards are amazing. Only the face cards (J, Q, K, A) have characters on them, but they still make me happy. The Jokers are Yoki and Shinri-kun, which is amazing. <3 (they also have Engerish on them! =D) They came in a little cardboard case and everything.

I'm such a dorrrrk. I was almost as delighted by the little fold-out ads that came in the book as the cards. But one of them was for the OVA, in color, and holycrapthechibisaresocute. *squeak* I want to get the Radio DJ-Cds, though I'm not really sure what they are, mostly because the covers are adorable. (Especially the ones with Scar and Lust, and Ed and Noa.)

Did more on my doujinshi, too, and I only have to finish one French assignment, and the term is almost over! Last term I only have to worry about keeping up. :) SATs aren't until May for me...I'm feeling much better than I have in a while. I hope everyone else is doing okay to~~

Yes, this is the evil grin icon I was talking about. XD

Emurii, I will read and comment on your prose tomorrow morning, when I have more time. ^^
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Back from NY and feeling dorky.

FMA card listing )

kimi no HAATO ni hi o tsukeyou (zugyuun!)


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