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I was going to post a big long entry but I forgot. Now there's no way I'll finish typing it before my internet time is up.

...I made a folder for all the icons that I'd use if I had a paid account. Why yes, I am a loser.

Random recent art that I'm actually satisfied with:

Zack from Crisis Core
Zack and Aerith <3
In-progress: the cover for my original manga, North
Cloud being angsty
silly Crisis Core comic
lazy day (LeonxCloud)
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My interpretation of the Junon Fight. XD

Crisis Core spoilers...kinda? Not really, since most of the scene was shown in the trailers. )

In other news, the computer is now in my room aflasdksadklsldalaksdkd. IN MY ROOM. Since my brother is home and he wants the desk in his room for his own computer and it's a pain to keep switching them and there's nowhere else to put it. AND I get the pretty flatscreen monitor back because there's no room on my desk for the old bulky one <3333 So I can finally see colors properly again <3333 We have to share an internet connection with a cable trailing through the hallway until they rewire the house, and the printer/scanner has to be on his computer until then as well, but the COMPUTER IS IN MY ROOM.


EDIT: THE NEW KH GAMES. *hyperventilates* One for mobile phones, boo. I have nothing against it except that American mobile phones are crap and we never get good games because of it. (like Before Crisis) But the other two are for DS (<3) and PSP. (which I will have for Crisis Core, so it's all good.) Also, I have become a bigger Terra fangirl than ever before. (Large image. But look at him there in the bottom right corner! So pretty!) Possibly because he looks like a Zack clone? XD People are speculating that he IS Zack, but I doubt it, just like I doubt that the Roxas-look-alike is Roxas, since he gets the DS game. And it takes place in the past, so it's probably Sora's ancestor or something, lol. Also, More King Mickey for the win. <333
stormfallen: (Squeenix/Namco OTP) the scanners here at school. My drawings require a lot of clean-up, but the quality is worth it. I'm buying one once I'm out of here. And have the cash.

Mostly for Aki, because I promised I'd scan this so she could see it.

(large images. They'll probably kill the site layout, so click to see them in their own window.)

Through the Looking-Glass? )
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New...layout...ish...not really....I just changed my journal subtitle and my default icon.

Because. Shiro Amano. Is GOD.

Usually, Nomura is God. Or Arakawa. Or Watsuki. Amano is starting to overtake them.


(....he is a man, right?)

Anyway, the newest illustration (I guess it's for the novels) which had to be unfortunately cropped for my icon there made me feel awfully like the rabid fangirl I secretly am when I saw it. I nearly fell off my chair. >.o

That's probably why my doujinshi is so emo--it's missing the snarkiness. Someone made a comment about the amount of testosterone in that scene, and thinking about it...yeah. Ohhh yeah.

The dialogue was also terribly charged. I mean...

"Think you can handle this many?"
"Well, it might be tough if one more shows up."
*smirks* "Well, then that'll have to be the one I take care of."
*also smirks* "'re fighting, too?"

Just think about it.

Ah well.

Also, I could WRITE A PAPER on the environmental message in FFVII. I'm serious. This is not just me being a dork.

...okay, maybe it is.


large image that killed Iz-kun's wrist. )
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What can I say? The people have spoken.


Square Enix took my <s>soul</s> heart and turned me into a Nobody. )</lj-cut Hope you guys are satisfied? That took a while...I need to figure out how to use tables....*facekeyboard*
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I'm writing again. Wow.

The Waiting Game )

Other things...for those who follow my DA know I've been drawing a lot, despite school, thanks to my tablet. <3 By the way, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] spanish_silver!!!! This is for you. ^^

Okay. ARGH. I don't know if it's just LJ or this stupid school Mac, but you know how LJ saves what you're writing every now and then? EVERY TIME IT DOES THAT, THE SCREEN SCROLLS ALL THE WAY UP AUTOMATICALLY. It's driving me CRAZY.

................It seems to have stopped. Good. NO WAIT, DOING IT AGAIN. >:[

Anyway...chapter 5 of the Kingdom Hearts II manga is out in Japan! I just got both books of Chain of Memories last weekend, so this makes me a very happy fangirl. I'm also proud that I can understand at least 80% of what's going on <3 Thank you, Nakamura-sensei, even though you were scary. Anyway, I found someone on LiveJournal that scans the chapters and puts them up for download, so I have the raws on my computer. Otherwise I think I would have resorted to lurking outside Sasuga Books waiting for the monthly Shounen Gangan to arrive.

Oh, yeah, speaking of which, ch. 5 has Axel's first appearance in II. Er....let's just say...Okay, I love Axel. But holy shit, Amano-sensei really played it up there. XD (Don't click if shounen-ai-ish references bother you.) (Oh, and that's not my LJ, that's the lovely hopeless slash fangirl person that uploads the chapters.)

...........The scene itself didn't really bother me, but THE ICONS. I'm on a KH icon community and OH GOD THE ICONS.

[begin rant] )

Oh yeah, working on a new layout, so my current setup is having issues. Ignore them.

Aa....ore wa...hitori ja nai.


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