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I don't think I'm going to do a day by day went by so fast. T_T

Uhhh costumes weren't finished in time, as usual, but they were wearable on Saturday for the Tales photoshoot, which is, I guess, all you can ask for really...I need to figure this procrastination thing out :| Just causes more stress. Anyway, tried to go to a bunch of panels but they all either had huge lines or were...kinda crappy. We did see Monty Oum's panel on Friday, which was awesome. (he works for Namco now holy shit!?!?!) Got to see the preview for the newest Dead Fantasy and it was AWESOME. (*shameless Tifa fangirl*)

Pics, mostly from the tales photoshoot, are up on here. [ profile] fate_repeated also did a fantastic photo post. (contains some yaoi and yuri, though...)


[ profile] sakurabatou as Dashing Gent!Guy
[ profile] thunderedge as Viscount!Asch
Sora-na as long-haired Luke
[ profile] neko_cloe as Ion
Her sister Haru as Jade :D

The photoshoot was good tiemmmmsssss. <333 AND THERE WAS RITA/ESTELLE. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.

Poor Sora was cold the whole time so there are a lot of shots of us hugging her. XD

Masquerade was ok, it was good at first, then kinda crappy in the middle, then good again at the end. Someone proposed on stage??? Pff. Kinda cute I guess. Chess was great this year; they actually scripted the moves, so there was not wait time while the players decided what to do next.

Saw [ profile] spanish_silver in the masquerade line, I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out more! T_T Ran into some old friends, too. ^^ Kayou from Connecticon doing Vocaloid cosplay. (so cute!)

Loot list: (small because I had money T_T)

-Dominic Deegan vol. 3 (I meant to get 4, argghghhhhghghg, now I have two copies of 3. XD But Mookie's a cool guy so whatever.)
-Tales of the Abyss manga extra volume of short stories
-Tales of the Abyss: Asch manga vol. 1
-Colette figurine (sooo cuteeeeeeeeee)
-Trinity Blood vol. 10 (tho technically I got it at Barnes and Noble and not at the con.

Soyeah. It was awesome. Seeing people again. Feels like a blur, though...I think I tried to do too much. Should have learned a lesson from last year. XD
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omg so tired. Pics and stuff later.
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sokasdlk;dsal;kasd I could say a lot of stupid, corny things right now, but I'll try not to. XD

Ummm suffice to say that life is good. I need to stop being lazy though.

This post is mostly for links.

AB '08 pics of meh (taken by other people)

AcerbusLuna on DA:
Me as Xmas Town Cloud
Me, Sora and Kairi

[ profile] rue_sama13:
Tales group
Me and Jade (Harley)
Another group shot, with me safely on the other side of Jade from Tear ( [ profile] axellent )
from overhead. I love this shot :)
Same shot, with our eyes open.

People decide to pick on me. >.> Tales group randomness.
Video montage of the con~
Sora and I with a Natalia
Same shot, different photographer. Me looking less stupid. XD

AC Paradise:
Me as Guy~ (a bit unflattering tho XD)
Me, Sora and Aki

(as a side note, ACP was always a female cosplayer only site, but it looks like they just opened a section called ACE for the guys. Yay~ represent! It's always good to see more guys making the effort to cosplay.)

Hmm, that's all I can think of for now...

cause it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea
but I'd rather be here than on land
yes she's all that I see, and she's all that I need
and I'm out of my league once again
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Con report~

Thursday thru Sunday )

All pictures:
Misc Photos
Tales of the Abyss Photoshoot
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Con report with pictures on my DA here. [ profile] pockyfish, why weren't you there? ;_;

Back to school now. I'm exhausted.


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