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I've been crappy about comment replies everywhere, sorry. At least my fingers aren't freezing off anymore...

So I'm home. Looking for a job. whee.

GOODBYE RIT *sob* (picspam) )

So...I'm gonna miss it like crazy but I WILL BE BACK. Time to make a portfolio...

In other news, Tales of the Abyss anime episode 19. BAWWWWWW. ;_;

(I finally beat the game on my own but I'm doing Coliseum runs. I really don't know why I didn't play this game earlier, because it's freaking amazing. I just remember after I played Symphonia seeing news about a new Tales game, looking at it and going "man...the main character looks really annoying." Now Luke's one of my favs...XD) (I w-want to marry Tear ;_;)
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(I was going to use a different one but it's seriously too pathetically perfect. :| )

The other day I was looking at my old, old entries from a few years ago, trying to figure out when I first met [ profile] thunderedge...(October 23, 2005, apparently) and it struck me as kind of unsettling that...I haven't changed very much. I still procrastinate and do the same stupid shit, mess up and ask to start all over again, believing I can change somehow. I honestly...really don't know. If I've changed at all. Maybe I've matured a bit, learned some things, but...I feel like I keep coming back to the same place, and it's not a place I want to be. So many people are so much worse off and I feel like I should be able to pull my self out of this. But nothing's seemed to work. I just hope this time is different. I'm not going to say for sure it is and end up disappointing everyone, including myself, again. I'm just going to hope.

I'm taking a break from school. I think I'm going to work, as well as take on the professional commission I've been offered, and try to earn some money for myself. I want to get more fresh air and exercise. I still feel like I've been letting life just drag me along, and as tired as I am I want to learn how to stand up and take charge. And when I'm ready I'll go back. Next term or next year, I'm not sure yet. I'll miss you, RiT. So wait for me.


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