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So, apparently I picked up the username [ profile] teamdad, have the password for it and everything.

But I can't for the life of me remember why.

(part of me thinks I grabbed it as an rp journal for Guragief from Simoun, but I already have [ profile] oncealoli and can't figure out why I'd ever need another one.)

Summer is inching along. I'm very broke and increasingly annoyed that my boss from my old job hasn't gotten back to me yet, when they said they had positions open.

I've been drawing, I've been talking to people, I've been playing some video games, but I don't really feel like I've actually done anything. And now I'm making lj posts at 6am because I can't sleep, go me.

lulz girly relationship TMI. )
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Someone got it up on YT already. :D

Part 1
Part 2 (Mario vs. Ditto)
Part 3 (My fight. Jessica vs. Snow + Bard.)
Part 4 (Pedobear vs. Cid Highwind.)

If you poke around that person's vids, they have the rest, tho they must've run out of tape because there's a gap that skips the Ace Attorney trial. *flops over* Good times. I'll link Laura's full footage once she's done editing it.

Fffff. I feel like my fight looked a lot less realistic than it should've...but they wouldn't let us actually spar so I had to fake hitting him. Also Bryan skipped a move near the end, and that sorta threw me off. But it was all good.
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...I've been thinking about making an RP account for Tamora Pierce's Daja because I love her to bits, but I need to get my hands on the books and reread them. Second of all...I have no idea where to look for icons. Sob. I spent an hour or so looking through stock photos and model websites trying to find someone with her likeness, but basically all of the ones I found straighten their hair. ): I suppose I'll have to draw my own icons after all...

....does anyone who actually knows what I'm talking about have any suggestions?


Apr. 6th, 2010 03:55 am
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I really hate how after cons I need a break from life...have so much schoolwork to do and not feeling it at all. I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near my worst right now, but I'm not feeling amazing either. AB wasn't terrible, but there was a mix of good and bad stuff so overall it was mediocre.

Hn. On top of school I'm stressing about relationship stuff...I know once we get a chance to talk it out, things will be find again--they always are. But right now I just feel like crap about it. I don't know why I can't seem to make the right decisions.

I'm just gonna list the +'s from this weekend so I stop being an emo bitch.

+ Finished Jessica cosplay AHEAD OF TIME FOR ONCE. Also it was freaking comfy.
+ Got recognized a lot/many photos taken. Made me happy <3
+ Tax returns came in in time, so I wasn't poor. Bought The first 2 Vesperia manga and an adorable Mion figure.
+ got to see my girlfriend
+ got to see a LOT of people I missed.
+ Masquerade was amazing this year.
+ made new friends :D
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*sighhhh* I don't know how many people here are still on DeviantArt, but recently my computer got attacked by a nasty virus twice. Several of my friends have gotten the same one, and lost a lot of important data/had to reformat their computers. It's definitely coming from the site, and it pretends to be anti-virus software. Basically...I'm leaving DA indefinitely. I love the community and the people I've met, but I'm not going to risk losing more data.

I'll be posting art here and on [ profile] terrafying from now on.
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So I played it once, no translation, just relying on my own skill in Japanese, and I think I got about 80% of everything that was going on, but I had to return it to Tim before I got too far into my second playthrough...I need my own copy. This game is just...ahhhh. It's amazing. I just spent the last week watching it subbed on YouTube thanks to some kind soul who went to the trouble to bring it to non-Japanese speakers. The themes, the art, the characters; it really is a masterpiece. Which is why it saddens me more that it got passed over being localized simply because it's 2D. GRRR.

I really want a high quality version of the ending cutscene and credits so I can make icons...

possible spoilers ahead. )

Color Quiz

Feb. 3rd, 2010 02:30 am
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Results: somewhat accurate and a bit creepy.

Your Existing Situation

Creative and emotional, looking for ways to further expand those qualities. Looking for a partner who enjoys the same activities. Seeking adventure and new and unusual activities.

Your Stress Sources

Feeling empty and isolated from others and trying to bridge the gap between herself and others. Wants to live life to the fullest and experience as much as possible. she cannot stand any restrictions or obstacles put in her way and only longs to be free.

more )
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The first ten people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. Some other equivalent gift, like icons or mini-fanmixes or quickie meta, would make sense for people who don't write fics themselves. (meh, only do this if you want.)

Some notes:
1) I will do yaoi, yuri or het, but nothing over PG-13.
2) My fandoms include: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7 + Compilation, Final Fantasy 10, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing (though it's been FOREVER), Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology I, Tales of VS, Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time, WindWaker, or Twilight Princess), D. Gray-man, Claymore, Kuroshitsuji, Busou Renkin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, XXXholic/TRC, 1/2 Prince, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (and I can give a shot at Umineko too, but I've only seen the anime), Maximum Ride, and....well, if you know me, you should know a fandom we have in common.
3) anyone who's watching me is welcome! I need writing exercise.
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FFFF school. ilu. <3

(I have the most badass drawing teacher ever.)

muse list cuz I had to put it somewhere. )
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I've decided I want a full collection of Tamora Pierce books.

The ones I do own are:

In the Hand of the Goddess, Page and/or Squire (I can't remember) and Terrier.

I am a failure as a fan.

so yeah.

Though, HoG is paperback, old, and falling apart, and I kind of like books that match the others in their series, so doubles aren't a horrible thing. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH TAMORA PIERCE.

(I actually prefer paperback over hardcover though. Those paper sheet covers for hardcovers drive me nutty. Especially because my sister always takes them off and leaves them lying around.)
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Yeahhh vacation. Passed all my classes. I can finally sleep.

I always feel sort of guilty when using fanart icons but this one is so. Awesome.

...I wish I could be 1/4 as sexy as Yuri is. :/


Nov. 16th, 2009 12:27 pm
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I am reminded why I usually listen to my own body instead of other people. I pulled an all-nighter thinking I could get more work done that way, (because it's finals week and all the cool kids are doing it) but now I'm shaking so badly I can't really hold a pencil or stylus, let alone draw straight lines with it. I got about as much work done as I would have if I had slept for 6 or 8 hours anyway. Great job, self.

I need to stop being so ashamed of actually needing sleep. In the meantime, I have two final crits today. fml.

relationship tl;dr )

Hng, it's probably the stress getting to me. I'm going to go sleep till my next final and hope I can stop shaking.
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If he wasn't already.

He and Aki came up to visit for the weekend <3 I showed them around campus. But Saturday night Aki started feeling crappy and came down with a really high fever. He got a speeding ticket getting her home the next morning...what's usually a 7 hour drive took him 5 and a half hours.

...So now Aki and I both have the Back to bed for me, I guess.
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Got my wig today, tho I need to figure out how to make it stay without slipping back. x.x (ponytail is too heavy)

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, 'hey, I look like I'm from the eighties.' Then I realized... )
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Umineko episode 16: now with ten times more ridiculous!

Turns out Rudolf is Battler's dad, but his mother's name was Asuma, and she was Rudolf's mistress or something? So Kyrie is his stepmother. I feel less dumb since they didn't actually explain that until now.

Looks like while Kyrie had a grudge against his mother for stealing her man, she doesn't hold it against Battler as far as I can tell. She was pretty awesome in this episode, too. I hope Klauss doesn't have a badass scene anytime soon, I want to be able to dislike SOMEONE. XD
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Bad cold finally going away. Probably because I've been sleeping abnormal amounts. Now I have to do extra work.

Pumpkin spice milk is the most amazing thing EVER. Next to mint milk. It's like drinking pie.

New Brotherhood ep cheered me up, even if it was filler. New OP is pretty sweet (Olivier!!!) And fuck people complaining about all the Winry in the ED. Winry is awesome.

WHY AM I STILL WATCHING UMINEKO I don't know. morbid curiosity. I kinda wanna see Beato get bitchslapped more.

Actually last night I was having a hard time falling asleep because I couldn't remember which pair of adults are Battler's parents. TOO. MANY. CHARACTERS AT ONCE. Ok, so Natsumi and Klauss are Jessica's parents, Eva and Hideyoshi are George's? Rosa is Maria's mom and I don't remember anymore names. Which would make the silver-haired woman Battler's mother but I thought she was his aunt! Who taught him the chessboard thing...

I could go look this up on Wikipedia but I'm lazy.

Not looking forward to my drawing project. Bleahhhh.
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The Dhaos Party battle made me want to shoot myself in the face. Then next I owned Barbatos with Stan and everything was better.

My Mao is SSS rank :p I'm excited to find out what max battle rank is...
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Honestly, as crazy as I'm feeling right now, I'm happy to be back here. Even missing a certain someone. (okay, okay, I miss everyone, except my parents, who seem to not be able to survive without a phonecall a week from me. And these are the people that wanted me to move on with my life?) But man, even with the crappy weather and having to drag my portfolio and art box to every class and the food I freaking love this school. I'm happy to be back. Now I need a job...

Still trying to settle in with my schedule, though...being stuck in a hotel room for two weeks before they gave me a dorm didn't help. There's no space to work...then again, there's no real space in a dorm room, either, but....anyway, my roommate's pretty nice, she helped rearrange to make room for my stuff. Hmng. This is my hour break between classes, but tonight I should really get working. Must smack self if I don't. Got two projects to do. Screwing up my med dosage didn't help. I always feel crappy for a few days before my system resets itself.

Something really bizarre is...I'm never popular among people the same age as me, but younger people follow me around like puppies. It's weird. Am I easy to look up to or something? Anyway, I've got another gaggle of freshman groupies this year...

(I don't mean to insult my friends that are younger than me at all. I'm talking about the tendency to get literal groups of people I don't really know following me, wanting to eat lunch, hang out, etc. Not as creepy as it sounds, just odd.)

Class rundown: 2D Design, 3D Design, Drawing, Foundations, Creative Sources, Raster Imaging. 2D is fun, 3D is hands on and messy, first time working with a live nude model. (my mom asked me awkward questions about it.) Foundations is pretty similar to 2D actually, but more focused on developing skills than design. CS is just an hour lecture, and Raster I yawn my way through because I know more about Photoshop than the professor does.

Enough school stuff...I'm not getting back from class till 9 tonight.

On the games front! I cleared all the story modes in Dissidia and Tales of VS. So my PSP's been getting some mileage...and I beat the first Professor Layton (DS) yesterday. If only homework were that fun. :| Of course I'm sorta low on cash right now, but I'm really looking forward to Scribblenauts and the the KH DS game...also been playing some D&D online with my friends. I'm a lvl3 Cleric, which is surprisingly fun. Smashing things with a mace? Awesome. (who said healers can't fight, pshhh) It's also easier to solo in than MapleStory or Asda...especially Asda...x.x...also the community is a refreshing change from MS; significantly lower percentage of stupid people. (probably because they're not all 10 years old) Also the voiced narration standing in for the DM makes me really happy. I never got to play more than one decent D&D game before, so it's pretty nostalgic.

In squealy fangirly news, THE VESPERIA MOVIEEEEEEEEE

s-so awesome....


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