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This is paraphrased bc the chart is worded in a really clinical way.

But man this family is fucked up.

**I switched everything over to the terms used in the localization, reluctantly. Marvin was originally "Marcus", but for some bizarre reason they named some other NPC Marcus and had to change it.

30 years prior to game:

Marvin Orta Kresnik's daughters are hired by the Bakur family. Cornelia becomes Bisley's private tutor, and Claudia becomes a maid.

Bisley: 13 years
Cornelia: 20 years
Claudia: 16 years

29 years before:

Cornelia discovers she is the Key of Kresnik. 

Bisley: 14
Cornelia: 21
Claudia: 17
28 years before:

Cornelia gives birth to Julius, who is considered an illegitimate child.

Bisley: 15
Cornelia: 22
Claudia: 18
Julius: 0

23 years before: 

With his father's death, Bisley becomes the head of the Bakur household at 20 years of age. He officially marries Cornelia and acknowledges Julius as his son.

Julius: 5
Bisley: 20
Cornelia: 27
Claudia: 23

22 years before:

Cornelia dies while fighting Chronos. Bisley seals his own Chromatus transformation ability.

Julius: 6
Bisley: 21
Cornelia: 28
Claudia: 24

21 years before:

Claudia, pregnant with Ludger, disappears. Marcus leaves the Bakur household.

Julius: 7
Bisley: 22
Claudia: 25

20 years before:

Claudia realizes that Ludger has the Chomatus transformation ability by looking at some kind of ultrasound. (not the actual word for ultrasound but i guess whatever equivalent they have? lit. womb photo/picture) Marvin arranges for her to give birth in a safehouse.

Julius: 8
Ludger: 0
Bisley: 23
Claudia: 26

17 years before:

Julius begins using his Chromatus and destroys his first fractured dimension. He meets Rideaux, who can also use the same power. Rideaux is only 12 years old.

Julius: 11
Ludger: 3
Bisley: 26
Claudia: 29

15 years before:

Julius discovers the limit of his power. He runs into his aunt, Claudia, and his cousin Ludger, who is also his brother. He recognizes that Ludger has the same power. (just by looking at him apparently?) Claudia dies. (no explanation as to why) Julius, realizing the fate of the Kresnik clan, decides to desert Bisley. He leaves the Bakur household and takes the Kresnik name as Marvin's grandson. 

Julius takes Ludger in and they begin living together as brothers.

Julius: 13
Ludger: 5
Bisley: 28
Claudia: 31

13 years before:

Julius joins Spirius. Using Ludger's watch secretly, he racks up a bunch of achievements. 

Ludger does the housework for his brother. Julius's feelings toward him change.

Julius: 15
Ludger: 7
Bisley: 30

8 years before: 

Julius becomes a full-fledged DODA agent. He destroys 100 fractured dimensions.

Julius: 20
Ludger: 12
Bisley: 35

1 year before: 

Ludger fails his agent exam. Jude and Milla save the world. (events of Xillia)

Julius: 27
Ludger: 19
Bisley: 42

And then the events of Xillia 2.


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