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Delterro (Son of Jinan and Shula)
Ange and Unnamed (Sons of Yuri and Kaeryn.)
Noal (Daughter of Gollari and Kaeryn)
Layla (daughter of Yuri and Arra)
Joph (adopted from Vivi and Meja)
Jurgen (Son of Joph and Layla)
Pythias and Damon (Sons of Riku and Arra)
Lebrante (found as an egg)
Delaine (son of Yuri and Arra)
Uriah (adopted as a hatchling)
Peachblossom (adopted as a hatchling)
Dynamic (adopted as a hatchling)
Rhianyd (adopted as a hatchling)
Magnolia (daughter of Uriah and Peachblossom)
Azabeth (adopted as a hatchling)
Riku (son of Kaeryn and Yuri)
Winterberry (Son of Briar and Miyeka)
Dianthus (Adopted as a hatchling)
Lyr (Son of Jinan and Shula)
Winterhazel (daughter of Kresnik and Millefeullie)
Rinu (daughter of Dianthus and Flute)
Quicksilver (son of Dianthus and Flute)
Elsas (son of Dianthus and Flute)
Anna (Daughter of Briar and Miyeka)
Flute (adopted as an adult)

By others:

Pyrrha and Deucalion (Daughter and son of Yuri and Azabeth. Exalted to the Flamecaller.)
Asterie and Lysander (Daughter and son of Sync and Anise. Exalted to the Flamecaller)
Shula (Found as an egg. Exalted to the Flamecaller)

Palladio (son of Gollari and Kaeryn. Exalted to the Arcanist.)
Mila (daughter of Jinan and Anise. Exalted to the Arcanist.)
Ilfie (Daughter of Uriah and Peachblossom. Exalted to the Arcanist.)
Anise (found as an egg. Exalted to the Arcanist.)
Zohar (Son of Lyr and Pendalion. Exalted to the Arcanist.)
Thallane (son of Jude and Flute. Exalted to the Arcanist.)
Keved (Daughter of Jinan and Judith. Exalted to the Arcanist.)
Jaysen (son of Jinan and Judith)
Ellry (daughter of Lyr and Pendalion)
Oltorain (Adopted as a hatchling)
Unnamed (son of Jude and Flute)

Unnamed (Son of Delaine and Kanonno. Exalted to the Icewarden.)

Delilah (found as an egg. Exalted to the Windsinger.)

Golef (son of Jinan and Anise. Exalted to the Gladekeeper.)

Geraa (daughter of Lyr and Judith. Exalted to the Stormcatcher.)
Rubia (daughter of Uriah and Peachblossom)

Neo (Adopted as a hatchling)
Celeano (daughter of Sync and Anise)
Morgaine (daughter of Delaine and Kanonno)


Cliffjumper (found as an egg)

Unnamed (daughter of Yuri and Azabeth)

Thunderhead (son of Jinan and Anise)

Autumn (daughter of Jinan and Anise)

Annwn (son of Jude and Azabeth)

Cohl (daughter of Jude and Azabeth)

Aranrhod (daughter of Jude and Azabeth)

Suika (adopted as a hatchling)

Luke (son of Lyr and Pendalion)

Sync (found as an egg)

Unnamed (Daughter of Briar and Miyeka)

Aina (Daughter of Dianthus and Sophie)

Pantarei (adopted as a hatchling)

Unnamed (Son of Lyr and Pendalion)

Potentially selling/exalting:

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